Tatooine P2
Zorba's Palace

Encounter Four

Your landspeeder crawls to a halt outside of the palace just after dark and you can see Drego’s ship nearby – currently powered down. In the sky above the palace you can make out the outline of an Imperial Shuttle… and it’s headed back out into space. There are no guards lining the doors outside of Zorba’s palace, and you have no trouble sneaking back in at all. It may be possible to sneak past everyone to get to your ship, though it is possible that Vader informed Zorba where the Imperials would be taking Willie. It may yet be possible to simply follow them, if you get to your ship fast enough.

It is now up to the players whether they wish to simply steal their ship back or try to find anything out from Zorba. They may want to at least get their own weapons from the ship or locker, rather than trying to use the small equipment they have from the Sandcrawler. If they do confront Zorba, she will be more than willing to trade her life for the information. It’s up to the players if they decide to kill her or not. If they make themselves known, Drego will disappear, as will his ship… as well as all of Zorba’s reward money. Whether they stay or decide to go, ultimately they will discover that the Imperials are taking Willie temporarily to the prison on Kessel. If they speak to Zorba about it, she will inform them that Vader and the Emperor agreed that Willie should first be broken with slave labor before being executed on Coruscant.

This is the end of adventure number four.

Tatooine, The Dune Sea P2
The Bounty Hunters

Encounter Three

Emerging from the sandy tomb, you find yourselves confronted with two sets of heavy blaster cannons mounted on the hull of a hefty YT-2400 Freighter. Standing at the bottom of the extended gangplank is a familiar face – Drego Desyk. Heavy blaster in hand, he indicates your group and offers a slim smile. “Y’know, I had a feeling you’d be interested in the junk in there. Zorba’s had her eye on this heap for a while now, but as far as I’m concerned it’s a lost cause.” He motions to the gangplank behind him. “Do me a favor, folks, and step aboard single file so we can get on our way. Come along quietly and I’ll see what I can do about getting Zorba to let you live.”

The players have a short window of time to decide what to do – they can do as Drego asks or attempt to escape or battle. No matter what, another ship will arrive in short order.

Before anyone can move or Drego can make good on any kind of threat, a pair of landspeeders and a Skyhopper swing into view over the dunes. The Skyhopper fires a few warning shots, instantly glassing the sand on the surface, forcing Drego to retreat back onto his ship and forcing you back towards the edge of the Sandcrawler’s open hatch door. It takes a moment or two before the cannons mounted atop his freighter spin to fire at the Skyhopper, long enough for the landspeeders to pull up nearby, and the Skyhopper explodes in a steadily expanding ball of flame. A Trandoshan accompanied by a group of Rodians step forward, moving beneath the hull of the freighter so the large weapons can’t fire at them. They keep their sights on you, however, shouting in their native languages – it figures none of them can speak Basic. It seems pretty evident, however, that they are more than willing to kill you to get to Willie.

As the battle wages, if the hunters wander too far in front of the ship it will fire on them and vaporize them instantly. Throughout the battle Drego will attempt to get Willie to climb aboard the ship – eventually shouting for One-Eye if necessary. As soon as Willie climbs aboard, the hatch will begin to close.

You realize only too late that this was a trap – the freighter’s hatch is now closed, trapping Willie inside and cutting him off from the rest of the group. It seems Drego has prepared for this, as well. A group of Ugnaughts, each armed with a high-powered tranquilizer, begins to fire those tranquilizers at the Wookiee. In his rage, he manages to kill a few of the creatures – but because of poor luck, or perhaps a dark turn in the Force, he soon begins to feel faint. (flip Destiny Point) Before long, he falls entirely unconscious, allowing the remaining Ugnaughts and Drego himself to take care of binding him as the freighter lifts away from the sand.

The rest of you manage to take care of the remaining Bounty Hunters, though you’re more than a little angry that Drego has captured your companion. His ship is moving quickly, but now that you’ve got a landspeeder you think you can chase him back to Zorba’s palace.

Tatooine, The Dune Sea
The Dune Sea

Encounter Two

The skiff your cage is mounted on finally begins to slow after you have passed countless dunes, and again you hear the whirring of gears, this time from each corner of the cage. Once again the floor beneath you falls away, dumping you rather unceremoniously onto the sand far below. The skiff turns and begins flying back the way it came, though the trail it was leaving in the sand is washed away by the winds before you can get much of a bearing. You notice, however, that there is a single storage locker embedded in the sand nearby.

The storage locker is unlocked and inside the players will find only a few pieces of equipment: a single holdout blaster with no ammunition, a thermal detonator with no trigger, a bottle of water and a broken scanner.

You don’t really feel any better equipped since you’re unable to use the majority of the equipment you found, but at least you’re still alive and you have an idea what’s coming. It seems the best course of action would be finding some kind of shelter, at least for the moment – after all, the twin suns of Tatooine are less than forgiving out here in the Dune Sea. Taking a few moments to look around, you don’t see much as far as caves might go, but out of the corner of your eye you think you can see something poking up out of the sand at the crest of a dune. Crawling up the rather steep climb, you discover what appears to be the treads of an old Sandcrawler – even more interesting, they still seem to be attached to that Sandcrawler.

Studying the area a bit more, you can see a flat plane sticking out of the dune further past the treads, durasteel clanking beneath your boots as you approach the edge. Looking over the edge, you begin to understand – you’re standing on the main hatch of the Sandcrawler which is buried upside down in the sand. Peering into the darkness below, you see what appear to be branches or leafless trees around a circular hole in the ground. Something about that hole seems very dangerous.

The players can look around some more if they like, but the fall over that edge is pretty treacherous. The hole at the bottom is actually a Sarlacc, which they would do well to avoid, though if they wish to try climbing into the Sandcrawler through the main hatch it will be possible if they take some care. They can also perform a perception check around the treads in order to find an already extended staircase leading to the underside hatch, which will also take them into the Sandcrawler.

You find it more than a little pleasant to be away from the sun-baked sand outside, but truth be told it doesn’t seem much better in here. The air is stale, warm and dry, the smell of oil still clinging to the walls. It’s a little disorienting, seeing everything upside down and just a little on its side, and you can’t help but wonder how this Sandcrawler ended up in this predicament. Still, it’s buried deep enough in the sand to have been here for a long time. Answers may not be evident, at least not immediately.

Looking around, you see lots of debris littering what was once the ceiling of the main cargo hold – some ship parts, droid parts, even whole droids that no longer seem to function. Littered amongst the parts are empty Jawa hoods and harnasses – closer inspection reveals bleached bones, some of which have teeth marks. These Jawas are long since dead.

If the players want to search the room for anything of use, they may find a few old blaster packs with a limited amount of ammunition and parts that could be scraped together to fix the scanner. It isn’t absolutely required for them to continue, but as they venture deeper into the old Sandcrawler it may become useful. If they want to see if they can find something more valuable, look at your loot table and have them roll for it.

Once you’ve concluded there’s nothing else for you in this main chamber, you begin to suspect there might be something if you venture deeper. It isn’t easy to get to, but there is a hatch near the top of the room that looks to lead further into the vehicle. You find a ladder or sorts beneath a lot of the debris and although it’s a bit shaky, you make it up into the adjoining hall. What used to be the ceiling here is, too, littered with debris, mostly rocks and sand. You do come across a few closed doors but they seem to be jammed shut in such a way that you can’t open them at all. Stepping through the next archway, you enter what looks to be the main engineering section of the Sandcrawler. The smell of machine oil is even stronger in here, though all of the gears and machine parts are bone dry.

If you had enough time and the proper funding, it might be possible to get the thing up and running again. Although the reactor was likely stripped out a long time ago, the housing is still in good condition. Odds are good, though, that no one would be interested in funding that kind of work, save perhaps the Jawas, and if they could have salvaged this Sandcrawler they probably would have without just stripping the parts.

If the players look around here, they may find the part needed to repair the thermal detonator they have on hand. There are also sufficient parts here to repair the scanner if they have not yet done so. Again, if they wish to find something of more value, refer to the loot table as before.

Heading down to what would have been the top level, you enter another hallway. This one is lined with conveyors, some of the belts hanging from above, and there is a stairwell that looks to lead into what might be living quarters. The other hatch leads out of the hall and towards the front of the Sandcrawler.

If they players decide to explore the living area, they’ll find a few more bottles of water and perhaps some personal items the Jawas may have left behind. Refer to the loot tables and give a few rolls. Otherwise there is not much of consequence in the living area. In the machine shop, however, they will find enough weapons to arm themselves. They will have to ration their ammunition for the moment.

Stepping into the last section of the Sandcrawler, you enter a fairly large alcove that had been converted into a trophy room before the massive vehicle tipped over. The items mounted on the walls and hanging above your heads are not what most would traditionally consider treasures, however – most would probably call it junk. There appears to be the remains of an escape pod from a Corellian ship, a few battered pieces of useless Stormtrooper armor, a Krayt Dragon fang, and the battered body of an old assassin droid.

Passing through the trophy room, you come into another multi-level section with stairs at the fair end. Above you there are multiple computer consoles and a variety of sensor arrays, some small enough to fit on droids, others large enough for capital ships, all tied into the Sandcrawler’s computer system. There is no power so there’s no way of knowing if any of them work, but it’s remarkable to see up close just how clever the Jawas can be, how successful at reconstituting old parts. The next level appears to be the navigation room – there are old maps pinned to the wall around a much larger viewscreen, likely where they planned where they were going to next. The final level is the control room. A smaller room off to the front of the Sandcrawler holds a few seats and a large computer panel overlooking the front windows – the cockpit. Despite the sand covering most of the view, it is possible to see deeper into the hole at the bottom of the dune – those branches are not branches at all, but tentacles.

Searching the control room once more, you find what was once the nest of a large Krayt Dragon. There are numerous empty shells littered along the floor, along with what you can only guess is droppings due to the smell. It is not entirely abandoned, however – curled up in the center is a very young Krayt Dragon, and it appears to be sleeping. The nest is made up of old Jawa robes and droid parts. There may be something of use in it, though it’s difficult to know without examining up close.

The players can try to sneak around to investigate the nest, but if they fail their stealth check they’ll definitely wake the sleeping Krayt Dragon. They can attack it if they like, or they can even try to temporarily tame the creature. If they do fight and the battle is going too much in their favor, another Krayt Dragon could arrive by bursting through the underside of the nest from the hidden cave entrance below. No matter what, once they have dealt with the Krayt Dragon and study the nest they will find that entrance and discover survival gear hidden inside, along with the remains of a handful of Jawas. There will be enough food and water for them to survive, as well as a communications device. They can use this device to try to contact someone off-world, which may be successful – or they may simply intercept a message from Darth Vader announcing his arrival in the near future. They will also find some special loot. If they decide to get the scanner working, they will be able to see that there is a ship waiting for them outside the Sandcrawler. If not, they will have no warning.

Zorba's Palace

Encounter One

Zelda has assured you the new Rebel outpost will make a difference in the long run and you are now considered official members of the Rebel Alliance and will be fully supported by them in the future. Now that you have a better idea where to look in an effort to find your ships, you decide the smart thing to do is return to Tatooine so you can make good on your deal with Zorba the Hutt. The return trip allows you some time to relax and develop your skills, and along the way you send a message letting her know you’re on the way. Instead of having to park in the spaceport like you had to do last time, you receive coordinates for a private spaceport located in Zorba’s Palace along with a one-time use passcode to allow you entry. The spaceport is actually hidden beneath the sand – a set of large bay doors begins to slide open, a small amount of sand tumbling in through the narrow opening, until there is enough room for your vessel to land. The sand that had fallen inside is kicked to the corners of the snug landing bay and the Aqualish you have met previously is waiting.

One thing that you notice before landing, however – there are a number of speeders and other craft outside of Zorba’s front door. It looks like she might be throwing another party. The Aqualish stands at the base of your gangplank as the doors above begin to slide close, raising a hand. “Zorba has requested that you enter the palace unarmed. She is currently performing negotiations with potential clients and prefers her guests refrain from starting fights.”

The PCs have an opportunity to speak with the Aqualish and ask questions, but he will refuse to offer any answers, saying that Zorba has ordered they only speak with her directly. They can choose to try to keep their weapons, or they can follow the directive and store their weapons on the ship. If they try to keep their weapons, they will have to perform a successful Deception/Skulduggery check versus the Aqualish’s Perception. If they are caught, the Aqualish will attempt to confiscate the weapon. If they choose not to leave them on the ship, the weapons will be stored in a storage locker inside the bay. The Aqualish will then lead them to Zorba’s throne room.

Live music can be heard as you approach the arch leading into the main meeting hall, a wicked smell clawing at your nostrils and reminding you of your first arrival on Tatooine. The one-armed Gamorrean Gorrta stands just outside the arch, a new vibro-ax in his remaining hand and a sour look on his face – but when he sees your group approach, he cowers and disappears around the corner. A few other Gamorreans are scattered throughout the room to perhaps act as bouncers, but for the most part the party-goers are too busy reveling in their drunkenness. Zorba herself is seated on the throne atop the raised dais, a Bantha-hide resting over her shoulders and a long hookah-hose clutched between her pudgy fingers. A familiar bounty hunter stands in front of her – the same man who helped you to escape from the Star Destroyer, a frown pulling at his lips as his eye turns to study you – he’s had a bionic eye implanted to replace the one that had been missing previously. There are other aliens, too, who take interest when you enter, the look of their gear suggesting they may be bounty hunters as well.

Zorba tilts her head back with a laugh as she watches you approach, her eyes drawn to the R3 droid at your side, and she takes a long pull from the hookah as her tail flicks against the throne. Benji is standing beside her and translates as she speaks. “Hello again, my friends! I see you had some luck on Onderon, no? Though I am surprised you brought the droid back – it seems like it would have been simpler to just rip out the memory rod.” R3 tweedles with annoyance and rolls back a little on his wheels, Zorba’s smile pulling wider. She raises her free hand to indicate the bounty hunter still standing nearby. “Drego tells me there has been some interesting news coming from the Core worlds about you. That you’ve caught the attention of Emperor Palpatine himself.” Her head shakes as she frowns. “I do not like that at all – therefore Drego is going to remove the tracker from your ship, as promised. Then you will get off my world before you bring the Empire down on my head.”

The players have an opportunity to speak with Zorba now. For the most part she will refuse to work with them, if they ask, but if they are smart enough to do some kind of perception check they may be able to pick up on some cues that she is lying. In any case, Drego steps away from the group and crosses his arms, leaning his shoulders back on one of the pillars near the throne. R3 will tweedle again impatiently before rolling away from the group as well, moving up to join Benji at Zorba’s side.

Zorba takes another pull from the hookah before letting the hose drop into a bowl at her side, folding her hands together in front of her chest as the Aqualish moves to crouch beside R3. Attaching a cable to a port in the droid’s dome, he taps his fingers against the scanner in his hand, studying it intently for a few moments before nodding. Zorba smiles and snaps her fingers and the Aqualish detaches the cable before handing the pad over to her. “You have done very well, my friends. This is exactly the information I was looking for, and now I have no more use for you.” She falls silent for a moment before making a gesture… and you feel the floor beneath your feet falling away almost instantly.

The players have an opportunity to perform an athletics check in order to brace themselves, perhaps even to jump free of the trap door – but even if they do so, Drego will stand over them with his blaster rifle pointed their direction. He will kick at their hands until they fall, though they may get in a swipe or two.

Despite a few bumps and bruises, it seems you are mostly unhurt – though you now find yourselves trapped in a cage of sorts. The walls are smooth so you cannot climb out, too tall for you to jump, even if you climb onto each other’s shoulders. The Hutt chuckles and makes another gesture before the slot in the floor that had opened begins to close once more, bathing you in darkness. There is silence for a few long moments before you hear the grinding sound of gears nearby, a door off to one side beginning to slide open and revealing that the cage you are in is actually made of transparisteel – you can see out and people can see in, but there doesn’t appear to be a method of escape. The cage is mounted on a sand skiff, which soon begins to hover above the rock floor before starting to glide out of the cave.

No pilot is evident on the skiff, which leads you to believe Zorba has some kind of piloting system set up. There are slots in the top of the cage to allow you to breathe, though it also allows sand to filter in as the skiff continues to pick up speed. It isn’t long, though, before a speaker begins to sound from beneath the floor. Zorba’s voice filters through, translated by Benji. “Let me correct myself – I do, in fact, have a little use for you – or at least, for your Wookiee friend. I have been informed that Darth Vader himself is en route to Tatooine in order to collect him and will be presenting me with the rather hefty bounty. However, it will still be some time before he arrives. I have decided to bring some entertainment to my friends, all thanks to you. That skiff will be depositing you in the middle of the Dune Sea. You will have a small timeframe to gather your wits in an effort to survive – and then you will be hunted. The Bounty Hunter that captures you and returns you to my palace will be splitting the reward with me. I would wish you good luck – but you fate is already sealed. Die well, my friends.”

Vancil's Bunker C
The North Wing

Encounter five

This section of the bunker seems to be suited more towards living quarters than display or storage purposes. The short hallway leads into what appears to be a living room, ornately decorated and lined with sofas, chairs, rugs, the works. There is a thick layer of dust covering everything, so it has definitely been some time since someone made use of these amenities. A viewscreen is built into the wall, and there appears to be a transmitter plugged into the Imperial News Network, so it’s possible to receive some kind of broadcasts in this room.

A bedroom is off to one side of the room, through a small door and past a bath facility. The sheets are pressed, high-thread count, a very dark purple, the bed itself large. A storage locker rests at the foot of the bed, as well as what appears to be an old wood-paneled desk against one wall. Another door in the living room leads into a large dining room that seems to also function as an impromptu meeting room, also including a very large viewscreen at one end of the table, with another door leading to an industrial size kitchen, though there doesn’t appear to be much as far as perishable food. Everything is canned or vacuum sealed.

Finally, there is a door in the living room in between two book cases – it appears that would normally be a secret room, but Vancil apparently left it open the last time he visited. There don’t appear to be any locks on the door, and as far as you can tell you won’t trigger any alarms when you open it.

If the players decide to investigate the desk and storage locker, have them roll two Force dice to see how many items they find and use the chart to determine what items they are. They will also find a credit chit, though it is currently encrypted so they will not be able to determine how much money is stored on it. There may also be a few trinkets here and there, especially if they perform skilled perception checks. The final door is their ultimate goal.

Opening the hidden door, you see a staircase leading down for at least a hundred feet. R3 doesn’t appear too happy about the steps, but he should still be able to make it down without too much trouble, if you don’t mind waiting. The walls on either side of the staircase are smooth, lamps installed every dozen feet or so, and as you descend it seems to grow colder and colder.

There is another door just at the foot of the steps, a small window set in allowing you to peek inside. It’s difficult to see much from here, but the room inside looks to be bigger than the rest of the facility combined. Judging just from that, you think it’s possible Vancil might have a way to store vehicles and other ships – your ships. But you can’t really tell from here.

Pushing open the door, you emerge onto another balcony… and you can’t help but be astounded by the size of the chamber. Truthfully, it looks like part of a natural cave system, especially this far down beneath the surface – the walls are rocky and uneven, though there does appear to be a very large door making up one wall that could lead to some kind of shaft heading to the surface, large enough to accommodate ships. A Lambda-class cruiser sits on one end of the chamber, one wing detached and propped up against the wall nearby, the engine laying in pieces all around the ship. Three loader droids (p10 debts to pay) are busy moving crates from one end of the chamber to the other, a pair of astromechs (p410) somehow overseeing the work from the level above and issuing commands through a transmitter terminal.

There are metal staircases leading from the balcony and down to catwalks that extend out over the chamber, crisscrossing each other and leading down to a balcony a level lower on the opposite side of the room. There doesn’t appear to be a lift on this side, so crossing seems to be your only choice.

The PCs can attempt to cross without alerting the droids below, which shouldn’t be too hard if they have successful stealth checks as the droids are focused on other things and not actively scanning for intruders. If they are too loud, however, they will certainly get the attention of the astromechs and one of them will back up and dart out of view. The other will remain in place and the three loader droids will drop whatever it is they’re doing and spin to look up at the players – there is little they can do with the players so far away, but they will be more than prepared for them by the time they reach the bottom level.

Arriving at the other side of the room on the next level down, you note another line of computers as well as what appears to be a trophy case built into the wall containing a slab of carbonite. Further investigation reveals that there is definitely someone sealed into that slab, though without slicing into the security panel there’s no way of knowing who it is or why they are sealed there. There is also another set of metal staircases leading to another pair of catwalks leading down to the next level across the room, and again there is no lift to use.

The players can try to slice into the panel to see what they can find, but the most they’ll find is the name Hysio Shule. There are encrypted records in the computer, but all they can do is download it for now as the encryption is very heavy. They can decide to try releasing her if they like, but ultimately that will make things more difficult in the long run. It would be more beneficial for them to investigate the carbonite slab later, after they complete their investigation of the chamber. If they succeeded in crossing without alerting the droids below, they have another opportunity to do so – otherwise, the droids will still be watching them, though the second astromech will no longer be visible, either.

It’s easy to be annoyed at the architects that designed this room, as simply going down two levels has already made you grow fatigued. However, you’re fairly certain you’re nearing the same level as the transmitter terminal the droids were using. R3 has been trying to connect to it remotely, but so far he hasn’t had much luck – too far out of range. There’s not a lot on this level besides what appears to be a droid repair facility, lots of spare parts and empty chasses, but nothing that appears to be of use. This time instead of another set of catwalks there is a staircase accompanied by a ramp on one side of the floor leading down to another platform – the same platform holding the terminal the astromechs were using.

If the players snuck down here successfully, they may be able to take the astromechs by surprise and disable them before they can send any orders to the loader droids. If they did not and the astromechs are missing, they are home free to approach the terminal. They will be interrupted, however, by a Security Droid (p412) that appears from above and lands in a crouch just in front of them. The droid stands and raises its weapons, telling them to freeze. They can attempt to reason with the droid, but the coercion checks are going to be difficult. If they have the numbers from the earlier console, they may attempt to repeat those numbers to the droid – if they offer some semblance of ‘security code 7284’ then all of the droids will no longer be hostile. Otherwise, they will have to fight.

The loader droids cannot reach the players on the second level, but they will have other methods – they can attempt to push each other up to the level in order to get to the players, or they can fling different objects from the chamber at them. The security droid will take them head on, and the astromechs, if they are not at the terminal, will be working from the shadows to try to disrupt the players.

Whether the droids are dealt with peacefully or are destroyed outright, R3 will start logging into the transmitter terminal and will have access to all of the computer systems in the bunker. He will have access to all of the files, encrypted or no, and he will be able to download whatever the players need or want. This includes the coordinates for three other bunkers – one located on Corellia, one located on Hoth, and one located on Kessel. The PCs names will also be listed in several different places, but those files in particular will be heavily encrypted and currently unreadable.

The player’s ships are not here, but they have definitely taken a large step forward towards finding them. They now have the location of Vancil’s remaining bunkers, and with the help of the Rebellion they should be able to investigate them all. This will be beneficial whether they find their ships immediately or not. They can leave the prisoner in carbonite if they like, but if they release them they will discover that the prisoner was formerly a Jedi who was attempting to hide out on this planet and was captured. The lightsaber the players have discovered is, in fact, her lightsaber. The Jedi will also be able to sense that one of the players appears to be Force sensitive – the Bothan.

Now that the players are better suited for the mission ahead, they can return to Whisper
Base and, ultimately, return to Zorba the Hutt to have their debt to her erased.

This is the end of adventure number three.

Vancil's Bunker B
The South Wing

Encounter four

Returning from droid storage, you notice the door on the South wall has cycled open, the lights already illuminated, the hall a lot shorter. There are no doors in this hall, but as you come to the end you realize it rounded a set of corners before expanding into another larger room of computer banks. Each computer appears to be from a different type of capital ship, each also from a different era – Imperial Star Destroyers, Mon Cal cruisers, Corellian freighters, you name it. The readouts all appear to be artificial – none of the computer banks are attached to anything, save the power systems. There is a small possibility there may be some kind of information stored in some of these computers, though odds are good it would be useless information at this point.

Stepping past the computer banks, you come to a smaller monitor room with a single seat and smooth walls. There appears to be some kind of sensor mounted in one of the corners, but there are no clues as to what that sensor is for. The small terminal in front of the computer appears to be the one you’re looking for that should open the final door.

If they players step into the room without trying to determine what the sensor will do, they will trigger a proximity alarm and the smooth walls will cycle open to reveal a trio of antiquated battledroids (page 410). These droids are definitely in working order and have modern weaponry, and they are soon accompanied by two other sets of battledroids that emerge from hidden alcoves near the entrance to the room. The droids will automatically attack the closest player, and if any of the PCs are out in the main room, the other two groups will attempt to attack them and/or flank them. If they attempt to disrupt the sensor, they must perform a difficult ( ) computers check to entirely disable it – if there is enough threat or if they fail with enough advantage, they will be unable to disable it but will notice there is a line of code that would normally be hidden that might allow them to reprogram the droids. One player will have to perform three successful computers checks over three consecutive turns in order to reprogram the droids. If they succeed, the droids will no longer be hostile and can instead be used to protect the party should another battle break out.

Following the battle, the PCs will be able to open the final door. There is no additional information on this computer except for asset of four digits – 7 2 8 4. No indication what the digits mean at this time, but they should make note of it.

Vancil's Bunker A
The West Wing

Encounter three

Stepping into the West hall, the lights begin to flutter to life starting just above you and continuing in sections down the length of the hall. There are multiple doors, some of which are locked, some of which are open, and several of the rooms have large bay windows allowing you to see inside. It’s remarkable, the stunning array of what Vancil would probably call trophies from all over the galaxy. Stuffed tauntauns, banthas, even the head of a rancor. Behind locked doors are likely things that are more rare, more expensive… or perhaps more sentimental to the Moff.

There doesn’t seem to be anything of value to you, however, and you reach the final room at the end of the hall. It opens into a very large chamber, at least three levels tall, certainly tunneled much deeper than Whisper Base must have been. It’s a wonder this bunker was kept a secret, considering all the work that would have to be done to fabricate everything. You step out onto the top level, onto a balcony overlooking the storage bay below… and you see droids. Hundreds and hundreds of battle droids.

They’re antiquated, to be sure. They look like they’d hardly work to begin with, but they are all standing tall and armed with old style blaster rifles, eerily reminiscent of the propaganda posters from the Old Republic regarding the Clone Wars. On the bottom level, on the far wall, there is another computer terminal, and odds are good that’s the one that might lead you to opening the other doors in the lobby. Searching the upper level, you find another lift at the end of the balcony that should take you down to the bottom floor.

The players now have an opportunity to do a little exploring. Examining the droids will give them a better indication that these particular droids are entirely inactive, though if one of the players performs a successful Lore check they might notice that each squad appears to be short a few droids, and the placement of the droids shows there are gaps where some droids should be. The blaster rifles the droids are carrying all appear to be inactive and contain no extra ammunition. Slicing into the computer system will allow them to open the next door in the main hall and give them some information regarding Vancil – mostly just a list of the items in the different wings of the bunker. There is no mention of defenses, or how dangerous this bunker can be, but there is one item of note: there appears to be a person suspended in carbonite in the North wing.

Onderon, Vancil's Bunker
The Bunker

Encounter Two

R3 is outfitted with a restraining bolt, though if the players try to remove it, they won’t be able to without succeeding a difficult or daunting mechanics check. The bolt was applied expertly, either by one of Sarev’s men or one of Zorba’s. If they do somehow manage it, R3 will be far more open about sharing information – otherwise he’ll only let the players know so much in regards to Zorba’s dealings. In any case, R3 will have no trouble cracking the Imperial computer system and finding the information regarding Vancil’s secret bunker.

Apparently Moff Dardano likes keeping an eye on everyone he can – the information provided in the computer is fairly complete, offering exact coordinates for the location of Vancil’s secret bunker and including reconnaissance regarding any movement in and out. It appears that Vancil will visit occasionally, and did as recently as a few days ago, but Sarev estimated he wouldn’t show again for at least another month, if not longer. It looks like you’ll be able to check it out with relative ease, and as long as you don’t make too much noise the Imperial garrison in the capital city shouldn’t notice you at all.

After taking some time to rest and helping to get the Rebels set up on the base, certainly long enough to develop some of your skills, you decide it’s time to try to find the bunker. There’s enough speeder bikes left in the garage that you can fly out to the given coordinates. R3 is going to tag along, too, and it looks like there’s a cargo sled that can be attached to one of the speeder bikes that he can ride on. The jungle is fairly dangerous, but the patrols have been flying enough by now to have left a series of trails you’re able to follow to make it to the bunker… which isn’t much to look at, at least from the outside. It’s almost just a shed, a pre-fabricated structure with a simple coded lock on the door, painted to be somewhat camouflaged, so you’d only see it if you were looking for it. R3 takes care of the lock without any trouble and the door cycles open, leading into… what appears to be an empty room. Checking all the walls and corners, there doesn’t appear to be any kind of hidden doors or panels.

However, once everyone has stepped into the room, the door slams shut and you’re bathed in darkness.

Now would be the time to have the players perform a perception check. If they succeed without too many threats, R3 will produce a flashlight of sorts to illuminate the room – otherwise, a small amount of light coming from the outline of the door that slammed shut will be visible, allowing their eyes to become accustomed to the darkness.

Despite the small amount of light offered by your light source, there’s still not much to see. Investigating the door, it appears to be operated by a mechanical lock, too thick to blast through and too complicated to slice. The lock itself seems out of place in such a ramshackle shed… but things begin to make a little more sense when you hear a very loud clanking sound coming from each corner of the room. You feel a jolt before the floor beneath you begins to descend, rotating as it does so in a shaft slightly larger than the shed had been. Looking up, you can barely make out the ceiling of the shack before some kind of door or panel slides into place where the floor had been, blocking your view.

It takes a few minutes before you emerge from the shaft. While you were traveling, you were able to examine the lift and couldn’t seem to find any kind of triggering system or control module, which leads you to believe it was probably triggered by the door opening or your group stepping into the shed. The lift descends into a rather large, open room, the hole in the ceiling cycling shut just as your feet reach the same level as the floor. This appears to be a lobby of some sort, with doors leading out to the North, South, and West, along with a computer panel on the East wall. There are no decorations to speak of, at least not in this room, and as far as you can tell there are no personnel in the bunker.

Players may investigate the panel on the East wall, which will open the door leading West. There is no map for the players to download, and any investigation into the computer systems will only give them hints about the bunker defenses – namely, droids and turrets. The other two doors in the lobby have locks that are far too complicated for the players to open.

Onderon, Jungle
Catching Sarev

Encounter One

The path from the command center to the garage is very short and heavily armored – if the base would come under attack, it would be easy to hide away in that secret passage until enough time passed to try to escape. Direct access to the garage was smart. You arrive at the end of the tunnel at what appears to be a solid wall… but after probing around you find a hidden access panel that opens easily. Emerging from the tunnel, you find yourself at the far end of the garage, behind one of the AT-STs. The other AT-ST is missing. It also appears that a few of the speeder bikes have gone missing as well. The garage bay door hangs wide open, and in the distance you can hear the clank of a walker’s mechanical feet and the snapping of trees. It’s easy to see the path that Sarev has taken, and if you get going now, you should be able to catch up without too much trouble.

Three people can fit into an AT-ST in the pilot, gunner and mechanic position. There are also enough speeder bikes for each of the PCs to use. The speeder bikes will definitely be faster but their weaponry will not be as effective against an AT-ST. Whatever they decide to take, they will have to catch up with Sarev within ten turns, or else he’ll make it to the communications tower and barricade himself inside.

There is also a group of four Scout Troopers riding swoops that will chase them through the jungle, trying to shake them off Sarev’s tail. Sarev is at long distance from the PCs and will have to perform a piloting check every turn. If he fails his check, he will be slowed and come that much closer to the players. It will take them at least two maneuvers to get close enough to be within firing range.

If they stop Sarev before reaching the tower

The Lieutenant’s AT-ST grinds to a halt, smoke billowing from the engines as the legs begin to wobble. It begins to fall over, crashing heavily against a thick line of trees off the edge of the path it had been following, but does not fall over completely, instead becoming wedged between two trunks. A blaster pistol appears in the open viewport and points your direction, the hatch above twisting open and a Stormtrooper Sergeant poking his head out and hefting a heavy imperial blaster your direction. Neither begins to fire.

PCs offer him a chance to surrender.

“Surrender? To Rebel scum like you? Ha! I’d rather shoot myself in the head than give you an opportunity to establish a base here!”

PCs ask about the memory rod.

“Memory rod? What the hell are you talking about? I don’t have any memory rod. Moff Dardano would likely keep something like that for himself.”

PCs say they’re here because Zorba sent them.

There is a long moment of silence before the Lieutenant replies. “What would a Hutt want with the Moff? That doesn’t make any sense!” The sound of an astromech tweedling can be heard, as well as a man grunting. “Oh, shut up, you stupid droid!”

PCs ask about the droid.

“What? An astromech that was given to me by the Moff to help with running the base, but it’s done more harm than good in all the damn time I’ve had it.”

We’re taking you prisoner – we’ve got you surrounded and there’s no way to escape. This is your last chance to surrender.

There is another long moment of silence before the Lieutenant lets out a sigh, and the blaster pistol disappears from the viewport. The Stormtrooper Sergeant still trains his weapon on you at first, but eventually he lowers his weapon as well.

It doesn’t take long to pull the droid and your two captives from the ruined AT-ST. Sarev seems very confused by the droid’s attitude, and the little astromech seems very excited to see you. It takes a little bit of doing, but you manage to make it back to the base. Once there’s a computer the droid can plug into, you find out his name is R3-D8 and the memory rod that Zorba requested you to collect is actually a part of the astromech’s memory systems. Apparently Zorba didn’t care much for the fate of the little droid so long as she got the information inside his brain.

Now that you’ve collected the droid and taken the base, you manage to set up a communications relay and get in touch with Zelda. She congratulates you on taking the base and assures you that a ship will be arriving in the near future with the first group of Rebels that will start converting the base into a Rebel stronghold. She also suggests that you might search the base’s computer system or talk to the droid about the rumored bunker that Moff Vancil might have on this very world.

If they fail to catch Sarev

Once Sarev crosses the bridge leading over the small river to the comm tower, he will likely try to have his Sergeant try to destroy it to slow down the players. Whether it works or not, he will still be able to make it to the comm tower and barricade himself inside, along with his droid. The Sergeant will be posted just outside of the comm tower, guarding the entrance, fully prepared to take out the PCs. It is possible they may have come to the comm tower prior to infiltrating the base, but read the following either way:

Emerging from the jungle and crossing into a clearing, you spot the communications tower, a very large dish topping it. A lone Stormtrooper stands just outside the transparisteel doors, armed to the teeth and ready for a fight. The dish does not yet appear to be powered up, but the blinking red lights lining it suggest Sarev is working on that. There is a ladder leading up the rear of the complex towards a landing on the second level that appears to have a few viewports, mostly covered by foliage, and another ladder leading up to the roof. Sarev is doing his best to transfer power to the dish, and odds are good he’ll already have a message waiting to send as soon as he can get a signal.

If the players visited the dish prior to the infiltration and took care of the dish already, Sarev will have no idea he won’t be able to use it for communication. This may lead the players to think they can take their time, but Sarev’s little droid will be able to work around whatever the players did, given enough time. There is another console on the roof that the players may be able to slice into to slow Sarev down, but they’ll have six turns to stop him from getting the dish powered up. Ten if he has to rely on the droid to work around things, but he won’t know that until after he tries to send a message.

After giving the astromech a sharp kick of annoyance, the Lieutenant spins on his heel and raises his blaster, looking very haggard and defiant. The droid tweedles in response, head twisting around and the computer jack receding back into its body as it backs away from the console. Despite his failure, Sarev appears to be ready to fight it out anyway. The droid moves around behind him as if to protect itself… but there is a flicker of blue electricity and the Lieutenant lets out a shout of surprise, his muscles convulsing and the blaster dropping from his fingers. Falling to his knees and growling, he shoots a glare over his shoulder at the astromech, who tweedles with defiance before the arc welder folds back into its body as well.

PCs offer him a chance to surrender.

“Surrender? To Rebel scum like you? Ha! I’d rather shoot myself in the head than give you an opportunity to establish a base here!”

PCs ask about the memory rod.

“Memory rod? What the hell are you talking about? I don’t have any memory rod. Moff Dardano would likely keep something like that for himself.”

PCs say they’re here because Zorba sent them.

There is a long moment of silence before the Lieutenant replies. “What would a Hutt want with the Moff? That doesn’t make any sense!” The astromech tweedles and Sarev glares at him. “Oh, shut up, you stupid droid!”

PCs ask about the droid.

“What? An astromech that was given to me by the Moff to help with running the base, but it’s done more harm than good in all the damn time I’ve had it.”

We’re taking you prisoner – we’ve got you surrounded and there’s no way to escape. This is your last chance to surrender.

There is another long moment of silence before the Lieutenant lets out a sigh, rubbing both palms over his face. He just gives a nod of assent before letting himself collapse to the floor in an exhausted heap.

Binding Sarev doesn’t take long and the little astromech seems very excited to see you. It takes a little bit of doing, but you manage to make it back to the base. Once you plug him into a computer, you find out his name is R3-D8 and the memory rod that Zorba requested you to collect is actually a part of the astromech’s memory systems. Apparently Zorba didn’t care much for the fate of the little droid so long as she got the information inside his brain.

Now that you’ve collected the droid and taken the base, you manage to set up a communications relay and get in touch with Zelda. She congratulates you on taking the base and assures you that a ship will be arriving in the near future with the first group of Rebels that will start converting the base into a Rebel stronghold. She also suggests that you might search the base’s computer system or talk to the droid about the rumored bunker that Moff Vancil might have on this very world.

Onderon, Whisper Base
Searching the Base

Encounter Seven

Whatever the PCs decide to do, once the ship is taken care of they’ll now have an opportunity to search the base, or if they wish to go after Sarev immediately they can do so. If they want to search, they’ll discover Stormtroopers in the training hall doing target practice. There is an armory on base that they can break into, guarded by two sets of Stormtroopers. They will find a few sets of Stormtrooper armor and Imperial blaster rifles, as well as some extra ammunition. There will also be a damaged lightsaber in a lockbox in the room. Otherwise, they won’t find much else throughout the base. Any other encounters will be just worth extra experience. The lightsaber would lead to a side mission, assuming they keep it and try to discover more. They also have an opportunity to rest and/or patch themselves up if they’re hurt. As soon as they’re ready to find Sarev, move to the next encounter.


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