Onderon, Vancil's Bunker

The Bunker

Encounter Two

R3 is outfitted with a restraining bolt, though if the players try to remove it, they won’t be able to without succeeding a difficult or daunting mechanics check. The bolt was applied expertly, either by one of Sarev’s men or one of Zorba’s. If they do somehow manage it, R3 will be far more open about sharing information – otherwise he’ll only let the players know so much in regards to Zorba’s dealings. In any case, R3 will have no trouble cracking the Imperial computer system and finding the information regarding Vancil’s secret bunker.

Apparently Moff Dardano likes keeping an eye on everyone he can – the information provided in the computer is fairly complete, offering exact coordinates for the location of Vancil’s secret bunker and including reconnaissance regarding any movement in and out. It appears that Vancil will visit occasionally, and did as recently as a few days ago, but Sarev estimated he wouldn’t show again for at least another month, if not longer. It looks like you’ll be able to check it out with relative ease, and as long as you don’t make too much noise the Imperial garrison in the capital city shouldn’t notice you at all.

After taking some time to rest and helping to get the Rebels set up on the base, certainly long enough to develop some of your skills, you decide it’s time to try to find the bunker. There’s enough speeder bikes left in the garage that you can fly out to the given coordinates. R3 is going to tag along, too, and it looks like there’s a cargo sled that can be attached to one of the speeder bikes that he can ride on. The jungle is fairly dangerous, but the patrols have been flying enough by now to have left a series of trails you’re able to follow to make it to the bunker… which isn’t much to look at, at least from the outside. It’s almost just a shed, a pre-fabricated structure with a simple coded lock on the door, painted to be somewhat camouflaged, so you’d only see it if you were looking for it. R3 takes care of the lock without any trouble and the door cycles open, leading into… what appears to be an empty room. Checking all the walls and corners, there doesn’t appear to be any kind of hidden doors or panels.

However, once everyone has stepped into the room, the door slams shut and you’re bathed in darkness.

Now would be the time to have the players perform a perception check. If they succeed without too many threats, R3 will produce a flashlight of sorts to illuminate the room – otherwise, a small amount of light coming from the outline of the door that slammed shut will be visible, allowing their eyes to become accustomed to the darkness.

Despite the small amount of light offered by your light source, there’s still not much to see. Investigating the door, it appears to be operated by a mechanical lock, too thick to blast through and too complicated to slice. The lock itself seems out of place in such a ramshackle shed… but things begin to make a little more sense when you hear a very loud clanking sound coming from each corner of the room. You feel a jolt before the floor beneath you begins to descend, rotating as it does so in a shaft slightly larger than the shed had been. Looking up, you can barely make out the ceiling of the shack before some kind of door or panel slides into place where the floor had been, blocking your view.

It takes a few minutes before you emerge from the shaft. While you were traveling, you were able to examine the lift and couldn’t seem to find any kind of triggering system or control module, which leads you to believe it was probably triggered by the door opening or your group stepping into the shed. The lift descends into a rather large, open room, the hole in the ceiling cycling shut just as your feet reach the same level as the floor. This appears to be a lobby of some sort, with doors leading out to the North, South, and West, along with a computer panel on the East wall. There are no decorations to speak of, at least not in this room, and as far as you can tell there are no personnel in the bunker.

Players may investigate the panel on the East wall, which will open the door leading West. There is no map for the players to download, and any investigation into the computer systems will only give them hints about the bunker defenses – namely, droids and turrets. The other two doors in the lobby have locks that are far too complicated for the players to open.


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