Onderon, Whisper Base

Searching the Base

Encounter Seven

Whatever the PCs decide to do, once the ship is taken care of they’ll now have an opportunity to search the base, or if they wish to go after Sarev immediately they can do so. If they want to search, they’ll discover Stormtroopers in the training hall doing target practice. There is an armory on base that they can break into, guarded by two sets of Stormtroopers. They will find a few sets of Stormtrooper armor and Imperial blaster rifles, as well as some extra ammunition. There will also be a damaged lightsaber in a lockbox in the room. Otherwise, they won’t find much else throughout the base. Any other encounters will be just worth extra experience. The lightsaber would lead to a side mission, assuming they keep it and try to discover more. They also have an opportunity to rest and/or patch themselves up if they’re hurt. As soon as they’re ready to find Sarev, move to the next encounter.


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