Vancil's Bunker A

The West Wing

Encounter three

Stepping into the West hall, the lights begin to flutter to life starting just above you and continuing in sections down the length of the hall. There are multiple doors, some of which are locked, some of which are open, and several of the rooms have large bay windows allowing you to see inside. It’s remarkable, the stunning array of what Vancil would probably call trophies from all over the galaxy. Stuffed tauntauns, banthas, even the head of a rancor. Behind locked doors are likely things that are more rare, more expensive… or perhaps more sentimental to the Moff.

There doesn’t seem to be anything of value to you, however, and you reach the final room at the end of the hall. It opens into a very large chamber, at least three levels tall, certainly tunneled much deeper than Whisper Base must have been. It’s a wonder this bunker was kept a secret, considering all the work that would have to be done to fabricate everything. You step out onto the top level, onto a balcony overlooking the storage bay below… and you see droids. Hundreds and hundreds of battle droids.

They’re antiquated, to be sure. They look like they’d hardly work to begin with, but they are all standing tall and armed with old style blaster rifles, eerily reminiscent of the propaganda posters from the Old Republic regarding the Clone Wars. On the bottom level, on the far wall, there is another computer terminal, and odds are good that’s the one that might lead you to opening the other doors in the lobby. Searching the upper level, you find another lift at the end of the balcony that should take you down to the bottom floor.

The players now have an opportunity to do a little exploring. Examining the droids will give them a better indication that these particular droids are entirely inactive, though if one of the players performs a successful Lore check they might notice that each squad appears to be short a few droids, and the placement of the droids shows there are gaps where some droids should be. The blaster rifles the droids are carrying all appear to be inactive and contain no extra ammunition. Slicing into the computer system will allow them to open the next door in the main hall and give them some information regarding Vancil – mostly just a list of the items in the different wings of the bunker. There is no mention of defenses, or how dangerous this bunker can be, but there is one item of note: there appears to be a person suspended in carbonite in the North wing.


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