Vancil's Bunker B

The South Wing

Encounter four

Returning from droid storage, you notice the door on the South wall has cycled open, the lights already illuminated, the hall a lot shorter. There are no doors in this hall, but as you come to the end you realize it rounded a set of corners before expanding into another larger room of computer banks. Each computer appears to be from a different type of capital ship, each also from a different era – Imperial Star Destroyers, Mon Cal cruisers, Corellian freighters, you name it. The readouts all appear to be artificial – none of the computer banks are attached to anything, save the power systems. There is a small possibility there may be some kind of information stored in some of these computers, though odds are good it would be useless information at this point.

Stepping past the computer banks, you come to a smaller monitor room with a single seat and smooth walls. There appears to be some kind of sensor mounted in one of the corners, but there are no clues as to what that sensor is for. The small terminal in front of the computer appears to be the one you’re looking for that should open the final door.

If they players step into the room without trying to determine what the sensor will do, they will trigger a proximity alarm and the smooth walls will cycle open to reveal a trio of antiquated battledroids (page 410). These droids are definitely in working order and have modern weaponry, and they are soon accompanied by two other sets of battledroids that emerge from hidden alcoves near the entrance to the room. The droids will automatically attack the closest player, and if any of the PCs are out in the main room, the other two groups will attempt to attack them and/or flank them. If they attempt to disrupt the sensor, they must perform a difficult ( ) computers check to entirely disable it – if there is enough threat or if they fail with enough advantage, they will be unable to disable it but will notice there is a line of code that would normally be hidden that might allow them to reprogram the droids. One player will have to perform three successful computers checks over three consecutive turns in order to reprogram the droids. If they succeed, the droids will no longer be hostile and can instead be used to protect the party should another battle break out.

Following the battle, the PCs will be able to open the final door. There is no additional information on this computer except for asset of four digits – 7 2 8 4. No indication what the digits mean at this time, but they should make note of it.


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