Vancil's Bunker C

The North Wing

Encounter five

This section of the bunker seems to be suited more towards living quarters than display or storage purposes. The short hallway leads into what appears to be a living room, ornately decorated and lined with sofas, chairs, rugs, the works. There is a thick layer of dust covering everything, so it has definitely been some time since someone made use of these amenities. A viewscreen is built into the wall, and there appears to be a transmitter plugged into the Imperial News Network, so it’s possible to receive some kind of broadcasts in this room.

A bedroom is off to one side of the room, through a small door and past a bath facility. The sheets are pressed, high-thread count, a very dark purple, the bed itself large. A storage locker rests at the foot of the bed, as well as what appears to be an old wood-paneled desk against one wall. Another door in the living room leads into a large dining room that seems to also function as an impromptu meeting room, also including a very large viewscreen at one end of the table, with another door leading to an industrial size kitchen, though there doesn’t appear to be much as far as perishable food. Everything is canned or vacuum sealed.

Finally, there is a door in the living room in between two book cases – it appears that would normally be a secret room, but Vancil apparently left it open the last time he visited. There don’t appear to be any locks on the door, and as far as you can tell you won’t trigger any alarms when you open it.

If the players decide to investigate the desk and storage locker, have them roll two Force dice to see how many items they find and use the chart to determine what items they are. They will also find a credit chit, though it is currently encrypted so they will not be able to determine how much money is stored on it. There may also be a few trinkets here and there, especially if they perform skilled perception checks. The final door is their ultimate goal.

Opening the hidden door, you see a staircase leading down for at least a hundred feet. R3 doesn’t appear too happy about the steps, but he should still be able to make it down without too much trouble, if you don’t mind waiting. The walls on either side of the staircase are smooth, lamps installed every dozen feet or so, and as you descend it seems to grow colder and colder.

There is another door just at the foot of the steps, a small window set in allowing you to peek inside. It’s difficult to see much from here, but the room inside looks to be bigger than the rest of the facility combined. Judging just from that, you think it’s possible Vancil might have a way to store vehicles and other ships – your ships. But you can’t really tell from here.

Pushing open the door, you emerge onto another balcony… and you can’t help but be astounded by the size of the chamber. Truthfully, it looks like part of a natural cave system, especially this far down beneath the surface – the walls are rocky and uneven, though there does appear to be a very large door making up one wall that could lead to some kind of shaft heading to the surface, large enough to accommodate ships. A Lambda-class cruiser sits on one end of the chamber, one wing detached and propped up against the wall nearby, the engine laying in pieces all around the ship. Three loader droids (p10 debts to pay) are busy moving crates from one end of the chamber to the other, a pair of astromechs (p410) somehow overseeing the work from the level above and issuing commands through a transmitter terminal.

There are metal staircases leading from the balcony and down to catwalks that extend out over the chamber, crisscrossing each other and leading down to a balcony a level lower on the opposite side of the room. There doesn’t appear to be a lift on this side, so crossing seems to be your only choice.

The PCs can attempt to cross without alerting the droids below, which shouldn’t be too hard if they have successful stealth checks as the droids are focused on other things and not actively scanning for intruders. If they are too loud, however, they will certainly get the attention of the astromechs and one of them will back up and dart out of view. The other will remain in place and the three loader droids will drop whatever it is they’re doing and spin to look up at the players – there is little they can do with the players so far away, but they will be more than prepared for them by the time they reach the bottom level.

Arriving at the other side of the room on the next level down, you note another line of computers as well as what appears to be a trophy case built into the wall containing a slab of carbonite. Further investigation reveals that there is definitely someone sealed into that slab, though without slicing into the security panel there’s no way of knowing who it is or why they are sealed there. There is also another set of metal staircases leading to another pair of catwalks leading down to the next level across the room, and again there is no lift to use.

The players can try to slice into the panel to see what they can find, but the most they’ll find is the name Hysio Shule. There are encrypted records in the computer, but all they can do is download it for now as the encryption is very heavy. They can decide to try releasing her if they like, but ultimately that will make things more difficult in the long run. It would be more beneficial for them to investigate the carbonite slab later, after they complete their investigation of the chamber. If they succeeded in crossing without alerting the droids below, they have another opportunity to do so – otherwise, the droids will still be watching them, though the second astromech will no longer be visible, either.

It’s easy to be annoyed at the architects that designed this room, as simply going down two levels has already made you grow fatigued. However, you’re fairly certain you’re nearing the same level as the transmitter terminal the droids were using. R3 has been trying to connect to it remotely, but so far he hasn’t had much luck – too far out of range. There’s not a lot on this level besides what appears to be a droid repair facility, lots of spare parts and empty chasses, but nothing that appears to be of use. This time instead of another set of catwalks there is a staircase accompanied by a ramp on one side of the floor leading down to another platform – the same platform holding the terminal the astromechs were using.

If the players snuck down here successfully, they may be able to take the astromechs by surprise and disable them before they can send any orders to the loader droids. If they did not and the astromechs are missing, they are home free to approach the terminal. They will be interrupted, however, by a Security Droid (p412) that appears from above and lands in a crouch just in front of them. The droid stands and raises its weapons, telling them to freeze. They can attempt to reason with the droid, but the coercion checks are going to be difficult. If they have the numbers from the earlier console, they may attempt to repeat those numbers to the droid – if they offer some semblance of ‘security code 7284’ then all of the droids will no longer be hostile. Otherwise, they will have to fight.

The loader droids cannot reach the players on the second level, but they will have other methods – they can attempt to push each other up to the level in order to get to the players, or they can fling different objects from the chamber at them. The security droid will take them head on, and the astromechs, if they are not at the terminal, will be working from the shadows to try to disrupt the players.

Whether the droids are dealt with peacefully or are destroyed outright, R3 will start logging into the transmitter terminal and will have access to all of the computer systems in the bunker. He will have access to all of the files, encrypted or no, and he will be able to download whatever the players need or want. This includes the coordinates for three other bunkers – one located on Corellia, one located on Hoth, and one located on Kessel. The PCs names will also be listed in several different places, but those files in particular will be heavily encrypted and currently unreadable.

The player’s ships are not here, but they have definitely taken a large step forward towards finding them. They now have the location of Vancil’s remaining bunkers, and with the help of the Rebellion they should be able to investigate them all. This will be beneficial whether they find their ships immediately or not. They can leave the prisoner in carbonite if they like, but if they release them they will discover that the prisoner was formerly a Jedi who was attempting to hide out on this planet and was captured. The lightsaber the players have discovered is, in fact, her lightsaber. The Jedi will also be able to sense that one of the players appears to be Force sensitive – the Bothan.

Now that the players are better suited for the mission ahead, they can return to Whisper
Base and, ultimately, return to Zorba the Hutt to have their debt to her erased.

This is the end of adventure number three.


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