Moff Gar Vancil

Imperial Nemesis


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Gar Vancil is Chiss.

His career in the Imperial Navy has been one of ambition and anguish. Originally captured by a slaver ship when he was just a boy, he worked with the other slaves, most notably a Wookiee and Coruscanti, in order to plan their escape. They managed to overthrow the pirate captain and killed the majority of the crew, subsisting on the remains of their enemies once they ran out of fuel. They were saved by an Imperial freighter and delivered to Coruscant.

Adopted by an elderly human couple, as this was before the Empire had made contact with the Chiss Ascendency, Vancil first got the attention of Grand Moff Tarkin during a training mission when Tarkin was still just an Admiral. The Stormtroopers in question were invading what was meant to be an abandoned section of the Undercity, fully armed, but they were caught unawares and four Troopers had been killed before Tarkin called them off. The young Chiss had gotten his hands on a holdout blaster and was shooting rats for target practice when they’d arrived.

Rather than disciplining the boy, Tarkin took him under his wing. Too young to join the Academy, he was instead brought on to be the Admiral’s personal servant. The enslavement was in name only, however, for Tarkin treated him well and began to train him in the art of commanding an Imperial Starship. Once Vancil was old enough to enter the Academy, he was accelerated to Officer training by Tarkin’s order… which upset many of the human students that were much older than he.

Once Tarkin was promoted to Moff, he made sure that Gar was stationed on Darth Vader’s personal Star Destroyer, where the odds were always better of ranking up faster. Vancil never saw the Sith Lord, working in the lower decks, but he achieved the rank of Captain before being transferred to work under the Moff on the construction of the Death Star.

It was stationed underneath Moff Tarkin that Vancil really began to shine. Tarkin already trusted him, since he’d trained him personally, and it didn’t take long for the Chiss Captain to make his mark. He became the Naval Liaison for the Stormtroopers stationed on the Death Star, overseeing their training and ultimately serving as their commander. This was while the Death Star was still being built, however, so Vancil only got to show off his particular legion of ‘Troopers when Tarkin would send him on missions with his own Star Destroyer, the Indomitable.

The majority of the command staff on the Star Destroyer were annoyed, partly because they were taking orders from someone who didn’t outrank them, but also because the Chiss was held in such high regard. The majority of Tarkin’s officers were fairly xenophobic, often doing their best to try to make Vancil look bad — but he always came out on top in the end. It was while commanding the Indomitable that Tarkin promoted him directly to Moff, superseding the usual promotions process.

Vancil had since become Tarkin’s right hand, focused on dealing with Imperial targets as far as the Outer Rim. Rarely would the Empire bother heading out that far, but the Chiss was a brilliant strategist and had proven himself, time and again, able to hunt down and destroy Rebel cells. After the destruction of the Death Star and Tarkin’s death, Vancil was no longer protected… but Palpatine had taken an interest.

Moff Gar Vancil

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