Onderon, Whisper Base, Launch Pad
Taking Care of the Shuttle

Encounter Six

So far, so good. Now that the listening post is completely isolated, it’s time to make sure your target can’t escape before you retrieve the memory rod. It seems Sarev does not yet know you are here, so you may still have the element of surprise in your favor. The base appears to be lightly guarded at the moment, perhaps due to a training exercise, but it would still be smart to be careful. Finding your way to the launch pad is the next step.

If they sliced into the computer system previously to disable alarms, all they have to do is use the console again to download a map of the complex. A hard ( ) computers check will let them slice in to take care of it now, and if they’re smart they might poke around in the computer system. What they’ll be able to control from here is very limited, but they can certainly find any information they might be looking for. Eventually, they’ll find their way to the launch pad, which is on the opposite side of the building.

The halls are silent as your boots click quietly against the concrete floor, and as the saying goes… it seems a little too quiet. Passing by several interesting doors, you approach the end of the hall and peer around the corner, spotting the hatch you are looking for. A group of guards stands outside the door, though they appear to be lost in conversation and have not noticed you yet.

There are numerous approaches to entering the bay. They can try to convince the guards they’re supposed to be there, making a hard ( ) coercion or deception check versus the guards’ discipline. If it fails the first time, they can always try again, but the guards will be even less inclined to believe their story. They can try to find an alternate route – the plans don’t show it but there is a duct that leads to the launch pad, hidden away in a corner. They can disassemble or remove the grate and squeeze through to the launchpad. Or they can simply fight. Whatever they decide to do, getting into the launchpad is the most important thing.

As with the rest of the base, the pad is remarkably empty. There are stacks of crates lining the artificial walls, and the shuttle in question is obvious at the far end of the room, nearest the natural rock formation that the pad is built into. Looking up, you can see the bay doors that would cycle open to let the shuttle fly out of the cave, various bits of jungle growing through the cracks and along the walls themselves. The control room is also empty, the equipment powered down. It probably wouldn’t take long to get it going, though. It might be prudent to secure the pad before attempting to cut off Sarev’s only means of escape.

The PCs have a few minutes to determine what they’d like to do – they can try locking the door, or they can pile equipment in front of it. Whatever they decide to do, they’ll also have to figure out what to do with the ship. It’s a Lambda-class shuttle and it isn’t locked. It also isn’t powered up. If they wish to use it, it will take a few turns to enable – if they simply want to disable it, they’ll have to find a way to do it, but shouldn’t be able to with too much trouble. If they make too much of a ruckus and didn’t deal with the guards outside before, they’ll have to deal with them coming in to investigate. The players can fight or try to talk their way out of it – if there is a fight, the guards will attempt to call for reinforcements on the end of their first turn. It will take six turns before their arrival.

Onderon, Whisper Base, Garage
Onderon Surface

Encounter Five

Despite the dangers of the jungle, poisonous foliage and oppressive heat, your party manages to arrive outside of Whisper Base without much trouble at all. As you were moving through the jungle, you did become aware of a group of Scout Troopers on swoop bikes, but you were able to keep out of sight. The base itself is covered with bits of foliage and it looks like there may even be a few nests built into different crevices, some of which obscure the cameras mounted on the outside of the building.

The intel offered by Zelda and substantiated by Zorba suggests several courses of action. One is to cut the comm line linking the base to the communications tower, thereby keeping anyone inside the base from communicating with the outside world, then infiltrating the base to locate Lieutenant Sarev. There is also apparently a hidden launchpad within the base that holds a shuttle that needs to be disabled to discourage Sarev’s escape. The comm line is visible, leading into the trees before disappearing beneath the foliage.

Players suffer 2 strain for the trek through the jungle and stress of hiding from patrols. There are several options, and ultimately it depends on what the PCs decide to do. Eventually they will have to end up getting into the base through the hanger door, which they should be able to slice through using a hard ( ) mechanics or computers check. If they fail, an alarm will sound and a group of Imperial guards will come to investigate. This seems to be a common occurrence, however, and if the PCs hide properly they can catch the guards by surprise. One of the guards will have the code cylinder to the base door, so getting inside will be much simpler.

Stepping out of the oppressive heat, you find yourselves in what appears to be a garage. The pungent odor of machine oil tickles your nostrils, and as you study the room you make note of another group of swoop bikes and a pair of AT-STs, one on either end of the garage, both locked up tight.

Looking around, you spot what you were looking for – an unshielded portion of the communications cable, plugged into the side of a console in the corner of the room. A few expert snips and the line will be cut.

It won’t even really require a check to cut the line – that in itself would be easy enough. If they think ahead a little and slice into the computer to disable any alarms and surveillance systems, have them perform a hard ( ) computers check. If they fail to do so, an alarm will sound and they will have to fight another group of Imperial guards (page 403, Naval Trooper). The PCs will have an opportunity to prepare for their arrival, and if they manage to hide or bluff properly, they will catch them by surprise as well.

The players will find an unlocked supply chest in the corner opposite the console. The chest contains a set of stimpacks, ten Imperial ration packs, ten canteens of water, six Imperial dress uniforms and a 30-meter spool of thick steel wire.

If they go to the comm tower

Following the comm line was easy, once you discovered it didn’t actually go underground at any point. Emerging from the edge of the jungle and entering a clearing, you see a tall building with a dish topping it and a lone Stormtrooper dozing against the transparisteel doors. The dish does not appeared to be powered up right now, though it probably wouldn’t take much to get it going again. There also appears to be a maintenance ladder leading up the rear of the complex, up to a landing on the upper floor before leading up again to the roof. Vines have slithered up around the sides of the ladder, making it a somewhat precarious climb, but taking care it shouldn’t be too hard if someone wishes to climb it.

Again, it is up to the PCs what they decide to do but they could easily disable or dismantle the communications tower. Once that is dealt with, they should return to infiltrate the base.

Orbiting Onderon

Encounter Four

It’s probably making you nervous, seeing a line of Imperial shuttles breaking orbit as your ship arrives in the system, but they haven’t seemed to notice you and they’re pretty lightly armed anyway. You make orbit without any trouble, and according to your ship’s scanners, the coordinates that Benji gave you are deep in the jungle. You can’t really detect much as far as a base would go, but the instructions given by Zorba are pretty clear that this is supposed to be a secret listening post. Zelda was pleased when she heard back from you for several reasons. One, the Republic has been looking for a secret forward base to use against the Imperials, particularly one so close to an official Imperial training center in the capital, Iziz. Two, some of her contacts believe that Moff Vancil may have his own secret bunker on the planet, a place he could easily be storing something important – like your other ships.

Your mission has two parts: one, infiltrate the Imperial listening post by whatever means necessary and find Lieutenant Sarev. He will have the memory rod that Zorba has sent you to retrieve. Two, sabotage or destroy enough of the Imperial equipment that they will abandon the base, or wipe out the Imperials entirely. Once that is taken care of, the Republic can begin converting it into a Rebel base. How exactly you go about this is entirely up to you.

Allow the PCs to discuss what could be done. They have a lot of freedom here, so they can try pretty much whatever they want. Considering the base has a fair number of Imperials stationed, secretly or no, it will probably be to their advantage not to go in guns blazing.

So long as they don’t fly too close to the listening post, they shouldn’t have any issues landing the ship in the jungle. They’ll have to do a little bit of walking to get there, but they should be well prepared by now. If they think of it, they should also camouflage the ship – this is worth a few extra experience points, even if it’s a minor thing.

Tatooine, Zorba's Palace
Zorba the Hutt

Encounter Three

Your speeder idles after coming to a halt, your eyes drawn upward to study the ornate façade that makes up the front of Zorba’s palace. The walls appear to be made from reinforced stone that has been shored with sand, and there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to break in. There are no guards to speak of, but considering the only way in and out appears to be a gigantic durasteel door, guards probably aren’t necessary outside of the palace.

A panel set into the door cycles open and what appears to be a mechanical eye-stalk slithers out, eerily resembling the eye of a dianoga as it looks you over. It blinks once, twice, then begins to slide back into the panel, gibbering in Huttese. The light behind the eye fades, though after a moment or two it brightens again and a different voice can be heard over the comm. “What do you want? No solicitors!”

We’re here to see Zorba.

There is a snicker and the stalk shakes as if laughing. “You think you can just wander up to the palace gate and ask to see the boss? Who do you think you are, Darth Vader?”

Explain who they are.

There is another moment of silence before the stalk shakes again. “Go away! If Zorba wants to see you, Zorba will send for you!”

PCs attempt to charm or talk their way in, versus Aqualish Thug (page 391) coercion. May also attempt a bribe.

Success: The stalk stares at you for the span of a few heartbeats before sliding back into the panel, which cycles closed again. A few loud, sharp clicks are heard before the door begins to part at the middle, a previously hidden seam spreading to reveal an Aqualish dressed in robes along with a dirty looking astromech with its adapter plugged into the computer panel next to the door. The hair on the Aqualish’s chin bristles before he turns and motions for you to follow, walking deeper into the palace. The doors begin to cycle closed once you’ve stepped inside.

Despite the sand that had blown in from the outside when the doors had opened, it appears that Zorba is meticulous about keeping the palace clean. Not only are there cleaning droids busy at work, it appears there are beings of several races also busy cleaning, all wearing chains. Some of them look to you pleadingly… as if you could help. Perhaps they simply wish to die.

Eventually you cross through a large arch and find yourself in what looks to be a throne room. The general style is very similar to the cantina you were in earlier, though there is a certain off-world feeling in much of the décor. The room is mostly empty, save a handful of well-dressed humans and Twi’leks that appear to be preparing for some kind of celebration. The dais raised on the far end of the room is empty, a curtain closed just behind it, though you can hear the muffled sound of Huttese and the prim response of a droid speaking in Basic.

The Aqualish turns to you and his eyes seem to frown. “Make yourself comfortable. I will inform Zorba of your arrival. Don’t wander out of this room or you’ll be shot.” He disappears behind the curtain.

PC’s now have a little time to study the room, talk amongst themselves, etc. They can prep for whatever they desire, be it an attack or just a conversation, but if they do decide they want to be aggressive, they’ll find it to be difficult. There are cameras in different corners of the throne room, and if they do a proper search they’ll see some of them are even hidden away. There is a very ornate rug covering the open section of flooring in front of Zorba’s throne and dais, and if they look underneath they’ll see there is definitely a trap door. It’s too hard to see what might be beneath the trap door, even though there is some grating – it’s very dark down there. In any case, eventually the PC’s attention will be drawn to the curtains as they begin to open, revealing the bulbous and slug-like Hutt known as Zorba.

It is difficult to tell the Hutt’s gender, though that’s not really your fault as Hutts are actually hermaphroditic. Zorba is not yet too fat to move on her own, sliding forward towards the end of the dais, her throne visible in the alcove behind the curtain where she and the droid had been standing before. The droid, a GE3 model, shuffles forward, his body dull but mostly clean save for the rust around the restraining bolt on his chest. Zorba’s face pulls into a wide smile, but the droid is the one to speak first. “Salutations! I am B3-NG-GE3, and I serve as protocol droid and translator for the great Zorba the Hutt.”

The Hutt folds her pudgy fingers together in front of her body and studies you all intently, tongue slithering briefly over her lower lip. Her voice is… well, deep and masculine, but all Hutts tend to sound that way. “Achute, mah pateessa. Jee katka bauuot, fa ah bihmhepa bai neu uba hee doube. Jee woy doukhaia mee pankpa bauiakiy dah bu planeeto, um Jee cha canta kuna kee doukhaia mah bekia tah momeu.” The droid opens his arms and begins to translate, “Hello, my friends. I must admit, it is a surprise to see you so soon. I did detect your ship arriving on the planet, but I did not think you would discover my location this quickly.”

She turns and folds her hands behind her back, slithering along the edge of the dais towards an open viewport that is letting in sunlight, dark eyes focused on Mos Gamos in the distance. “Jee paknee ata fa uba doth wata bai setpika bu naee da gee doth lumpa dah mee pankpa. Mah murishani pateessa woy gahke bai jazeu fa du hee heee fa caiot tee doth yatuka mee ban bo yauma.” She turns to look you in the eye. “Whao uba yauma mi, Jee hatkocanh kantkhia jen bai yatuka mee fa. Whao uba mewipa, Jee hatkocanh dwana bu naee bai bu D’emperiolo an pauapka mee wah chee.” The droid tilts his head, as if worried, then sighs and starts to translate. “I take it you are here to discuss the tracker that has been placed on your ship. My bounty hunter friend made sure to install it in such a way it could not be removed without his help. If you help me, I will instruct him to remove it. If you refuse, I will sell the tracker to the Imperials and collect your bounty.”

What’s to stop us from killing you and taking the tracker ourselves?

Her eyes crinkle with amusement before she laughs, her tail twitching. “Badtauih tanea. Whao uba cha banag bai woy fa doptkee see wata nem. uba doth chawinu du mah bunko, chawinu du mah hahekahea, an dooo whao uba kaai pasa doe mah kougine pateessa Jabba nah doth kolka. Jee ree koumuaee doth lee chalya uba ba douapka-ola bai jiu pin. Goo nah doth hee dan.” The droid appears uncomfortable as he begins to translate, “Absolutely nothing. If you don’t want to make it out of here alive. You’re deep in my palace, deeper in my territory, and even if you somehow survived my old friend Jabba would not be pleased. I at least am giving you an option to play along. He would not be so kind.”

What is it you want us to do?

“Ree becmi. Dobra banba uba bai pauapka kaa doi wa pauau see bidwata. Wa kacay yapwobana.” “Very simple. I am sending you to collect something from a colleague of mine. A memory rod.”

Why is this rod important? Why are you sending us to get it?

“Da kanwahca doth lhoie tee bai uba. Tytung uba dayan bai bla ne yae flunka bai nem fet ba kankahpantanka an wamma mi tah kacay yapwobana. U wamma wonka wa favor che pha uba doi bu D’emperiolo. Tah hatkocanh puohe mee uiuba.” “That information is unimportant to you. All you need to know is this man failed to live up to an agreement and owes me this memory rod. You owe me a favor for saving you from the Imperials. This will clear your debt.”

Where are we going? Who is this man?

“Bo peekasa doth Kap Dardano. Goo nah doth dah bu winbocanh- bantkoke, cheespa bargon cay bo Jabakanonh Sarev. Goo hatkocanh gee bu kacay yapwobana wahca bai jen. Hhaia fa cay kae besnewa talat. Bu winbocanh doth dah bu planeeto Onderon du bu Japrael danko. Benji caiot moolee bu pinahbesa.” “His name is Moff Dardano. He will not be on the base – instead, you will be dealing with his Lieutenant Sarev. He will have the memory rod close to him. Retrieve it by any means necessary. The base is on the planet Onderon in the Japrael system. Benji can provide the coordinates.” The droid pauses. “Oh! That’s me!”

The PCs can ask another question or two, but Zorba will suddenly become busy to prepare for the upcoming celebration. The Aqualish will arrive to escort them back out of the palace, and they will be accompanied by the protocol droid up to the front door, who will provide them with a datapad containing the information pertinent to their mission. There’s not much more to do on Tatooine at the moment, but if they wish to do any shopping or anything, they can feel free to do so in Mos Gamos.
(Hutt page 406-407)

Tatooine, Mos Gamos Cantina
Finding the Hutt

Encounter Two

There will be an opportunity for the PCs to kill Gorrta or let him live. Assuming they don’t kill him outright, by the time he reaches only one or two wounds left he will attempt to surrender. Whether they kill him or not, they’ll still get the information they need.

If they let him live

Broken and bloodied, the Gamorrean thug whimpers and falls to his knees, cradling his arm to his chest and looking up to you pleadingly. “No kill! No kill! Sorry, sorry!”

Vero scoffs and steps around from behind the bar, pressing the barrel of his blaster to the pig’s temple, and Gorrta’s eyes widen. He bares his teeth and squeals, “Wait! Help you! Weapons, credits, whatever you want!”

The bartender shakes his head. “You really think I’m going to let you go so you can tell Zorba what happened here? I’d rather you just disappeared into the dunes.”

The Gamorrean whimpers again. “Zorba not find out. Zorba never order double – take for self. Zorba not know anything.”

Studying the thug a moment, the bartender sighs before lowering his blaster. “Flarking hate Hutts and their scummy guards.”

If he dies

Gorrta slumps to the floor with one final whimper of a squeal, blood oozing from his wounds and the sickening stench of death already emanating from his body. The bartender slowly rises from his hiding place behind the bar, blaster still clutched in his hand, and the silence is broken by a collective sigh of relief from the remaining patrons. Vero leans against the bar and sets the blaster down, rubbing a hand down his face. “Flarking hate Hutts and their scummy guards.”

Wait, Hutts? We’re looking for info on a Hutt.

Vero looks at you skeptically for a moment before stowing the blaster beneath the bar again. “Not many folks trying to get in with Hutts purposefully. Most know better.” He nods to the Gamorrean on the floor. “Gorrta there is one of the head guards for Zorba the Hutt. According to them, this is her territory.”

Zorba the Hutt? Who is that?

“She used to work with Jabba out near Anchorhead. Dunno if she still works with him directly or not, but I don’t think she would have gotten to take control out here if she doesn’t. That means she’s dangerous. And she’s got worse than these pigs.”

Where can we find her?

His lips form a thin line as he looks you over critically, then shakes his head again. “Palace is a few clicks north of town. On foot, it’d take a day or two to get there. By speeder, you could make it in half a day. Good luck getting inside.”

If Gorrta is still alive, the PCs can convince him to take them to his hidden cache, where there is some weaponry, some armor and a stash of credits. Heavy and armored clothing. Some blaster pistols and a rifle or two, not a whole lot. About five thousand credits stashed, and he can take them to the palace. If they don’t decide to use him, they can rent a speeder for a hundred credits a day. They can try to talk to Gorrta but he doesn’t really have much helpful to say.

Tatooine, Mos Gamos Cantina
The Cantina

Encounter One

It has been a few weeks since your encounter with Moff Vancil, and thankfully things have been pretty quiet. Because of the tracker on your ship, you were not allowed to make port at any of their hidden bases or the capital ship that leads their forces, but there was still a network in place to allow for you to visit another secret agent who could help locate it. Instead of disengaging the tracker, however, Zelda made another suggestion – use the Republic’s specialists and computer systems to trace the signal back to the source. You’ve managed to trace it back to the city of Mos Gamos, a small settlement on Tatooine, but have been unable to zero in on any specific building. Tatooine, being so far out on the Rim, has a reputation for harboring less-than-savory characters, so it isn’t entirely surprising that the Hutt who is allegedly tracking you would be there.

Mos Gamos is not particularly well known, at least not compared to Anchorhead or Mos Eisley, but anyone can tell you the place was overrun with criminals over thirty years ago. Longo Two-Guns and his gang controlled the territory until a Mandalorian bounty hunter breezed through, and rumor has it Jabba the Hutt was the one who had hired him to take care of the competition. It seems odd that Jabba would be interested in you or a city so far from his palace, though. After arriving on the sandy, overheated world, you decide that the only place you’re going to get any kind of lead is at the cantina.

Unsurprisingly, the place is busy – though from the nearly empty streets, you have to assume that either it’s happy hour or the people are making themselves scarce for some reason. Races of every kind litter the bar and tables around the room, and there is a stage along the far wall from the door, easily visible even with the bar in the way, dancers gyrating to the rhythm of the live band off to the side. The bartender is human, missing an eye, and frowns as he sees your group enter. He seems to be doing the best he can to ignore you completely.

PCs can now interact with whoever they wish in the cantina. They can try to talk to the bartender, but other than drink orders, he’s not really going to interact with them much at the moment. They may have better luck with some of the patrons, but even they aren’t going to want to chat too easily. They all seem uneasy that the PCs are here.

Looking around, you notice there is something like a bulletin board posted in one corner of the cantina, sort of off in a shadowed corner where it looks like people don’t usually go… and there are posters plastered to the wall. Wanted posters. With your faces on them. It looks like the Empire is doing what they can to try to find you, though relying on anyone out here on the Rim to turn you in is laughable, even with the hefty price they’ve put on your heads. The Hutts control this world, whether the Empire likes it or not. Luckily, there didn’t seem to be any Imperials in system when you arrived, so the odds of anyone even just tipping them off about you is pretty slim at this point.

Though that certainly explains why everyone seems so nervous. Or does it? Yes, they appear to be nervous because you’re here, but the Empire’s reach out here is minimal at best. Why are their noses and/or other olfactory equipment buried in their drinks?

There is a crash as the back door to the cantina slams open next to the stage, a very large and very ugly Gamorrean guard standing in the doorway, a large stone axe clutched between pudgy fingers. His nose wrinkles as he looks around, his face wet with moisture, and you can practically feel everyone in the bar tensing.

The pig-like being squeals as he steps into the bar, followed almost immediately by a group of slightly shorter but no less ugly Gamorreans, these armed with dangerous looking stone clubs. They start overturning tables and shaking down some of the customers, and the bartender’s face has gone pale. “Gorrta. How many times do I have to tell you, you can’t just come in and start breaking up my bar like this? I already paid you for the month.”

The thug sneers, and it’s surprising the intelligence behind his eyes. Gorrta is not a typical Gamorrean, it seems. “Not enough. Rates double. Zorba’s command.”

The human’s frown only grows deeper, his brow creasing heavily, and he lets out a sigh before shaking his head and bending over to reach down beneath the bar. “Zorba can go flark herself. If I pay double rates, I don’t make any money this month and I’ll have to close. What’s the point of paying for protection when I can’t even be open?”

Gorrta just grins and steps closer to the bar, hefting the axe up onto his shoulder. The other Gamorreans start to spread out, still shaking down customers and piling the valuables on the end of the stage. “Not Zorba’s problem, Vero. You pay now.”

There is a momentary silence as Vero starts to stand again… but instead of a cash box, he has a blaster in hand. Pulling the trigger, a scarlet blaster bolt screams from the barrel and slams into Gorrta’s shoulder. The giant creature spins after taking the shot, axe tumbling from his grip and crashing against the edge of the bar before falling to the floor, though despite the smell it doesn’t appear to be more than a flesh wound. He squeals as a meaty paw jabs at his shoulder and his fellow pigs raise their clubs and start swinging them at anyone nearby.

Roll for initiative. Gorrta is disarmed and disoriented for his first turn. See Gamorrean Thug on page 413 of EotE for stats. Other Gamorrean stats are those from Long Arm of the Hutt. PCs could theoretically ignore the battle and just leave, but they will fail to learn what they need to know about the Hutt.

Ord Mantell

Encounter Five

Looks like the Imperials bought it. You manage to slip through the security patrols, though there was a close call when another freighter came alongside you that the Imperials were taking a closer look at. Thankfully since their attention was focused elsewhere, they didn’t match your ship’s description with that given by the Moff. The trip to Ord Mantell is mostly uneventful, just enough supplies and fuel to make the trip. The Spaceport administrator is a little rough around the edges and wants your landing fee up front, but you manage to convince him to waive the fee – this time.

Now that you’re no longer on an Imperial controlled world, you feel a little more comfortable relaxing. You still have things to worry about, certainly, but on a world like Ord Mantell, most people aren’t going to care that you’ve been labeled a Rebel and traitor to the Empire. Here, the odds are good they’re far more interested in your credits. It would do you good to take care.

Your Bounty Hunter friend is silent as he breaks off from the group – now that you’re safely away from the Indomitable, his job is done. You stand together at the entrance to the Spaceport, and now you’ve got a whole world at your fingertips. Still, if you really want to get your ships back and deal with the Moff, you’re going to have to find that Rebel Agent sooner or later.

Allow the players a little more freedom while they’re here – they can try to find shops, if they have any credits, try to sell or buy some items. If they’re trying to sell any Imperial supplies, they’ll have to find someone willing to buy, which won’t be easy right off the bat. If they decide to follow the Bounty Hunter, or send one person to do so, have them perform a stealth check vs avg difficulty – he’s ready to turn in his job, and Ord Mantell is busy so he probably won’t even notice them following him unless they really screw up.

The Bounty Hunter makes his way to another hanger bay in the same spaceport, though it’s quite a bit closer to what looks like a seedier part of the city. There are security panels mounted on the walls next to the doors, and they look like they’re set up with multiple redundant security systems – people that park in these bays really don’t want anybody at all getting to their ships. If the players succeeded the stealth check, they should perform another now to sneak into the bay following him – if they fail, the doors will close and lock and they’ll have to find another way in. If they perform a perception vs avg check, they’ll see a cleaning droid coming out of a small ventilation duct that appears to head into the bay. They can slice this droid with an avg computers or mechanics check and reprogram it, set up a feed so they can hear what’s going on inside, then fly it back in to the bay.

In any case, so long as they’re quiet the PCs will hear the following – however if they approach or step onto the Bounty Hunter’s ship, an alarm will sound and the comm link will drop.

If they follow the bounty hunter

It’s difficult to see much going on – the lights have been turned down, so much so you think there might be a power issue in this part of the spaceport. You can make out the outline of an old Skipray Blastboat, though, the gangplank extended and light filtering from inside the viewports. It’s been a gamble, coming this far, but the man who helped you escape hasn’t seemed to notice he’s been followed. You can hear muffled voices coming from just inside, so you move a little bit closer… but not too close.

He’s having a conversation, that’s for sure, though it must be over a comm because you can’t make out much more than a crackle in between pauses. “Yeah, all four of ‘em. I can have security send ya the security tapes from the hanger where they landed.” Crackle. “They were curious but didn’t ask too many questions. They dunno who ya are.” Crackle. “Why in hell would I lie about that? Hutts are notorious for makin’ people pay for lyin’.” Crackle. “Tagged their transport. They got a bone t’ pick with Vancil, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m done. I’ll bring ya the tracker an’ collect my payment. How’s that sound?” Crackle crackle.

The players may wish to confront the Bounty Hunter, but they won’t be able to – the gangplank begins to rise and the hanger doors above the ship begin to open. He’s not sticking around, and they won’t be able to break onto the ship in time to stop him. Now that they know about the tracker, they’ll have even more reason to liberate their ships from the Moff – they probably won’t want a Hutt knowing their every move, willing to sell it to anyone for the right price. The Bounty Hunter is good – he’ll have hidden the tracker so well that any search or removal will be of daunting difficulty.

Whether they followed the BH or not, they will ultimately be tracked by the Hutt – if they don’t follow the Bounty Hunter, they just won’t know about it yet. He will come into play in a later episode, but for now their focus should be on finding the Rebel Agent. That means traveling to Freelonn.


Of all the casinos you’ve seen in your life… you’ve never quite seen one like The Chance Cube. The rest of the street around the casino is pretty dark, pretty seedy, but the front of the casino itself is very bright and extravagant. There are fountains lining the walk leading to the front door, multiple spotlights set to automatically tilt left and right that also appear to change color spectrum every few seconds. There are beautiful people standing outside, trying to get your attention, trying to get you to go inside – scantily clad men and women of all types, all species. There is a fabrication of a chance cube that towers above you, mounted above the door, with a sign that says, “OVER 4 BILLION CREDITS PAID OUT” in large, blinking letters.

The inside is just as luxurious. The lighting is dim, the air is cool, and there’s music piping in from speakers overhead. A lot of people are smiling – a lot of people are not – but there is definitely the glazed look of people who may or may not have a gambling problem on most of the faces around. Slot machines, card games, dice games galore. You can practically feel the credits burning a hole in your pocket, begging to be tossed onto a table and multiplied… though if this is like any other casino, the house wins the majority of the time.

It doesn’t take long to find the Sabacc tables – they’re isolated from the rest of the games, mostly because they tend to become more high stakes and, often, the wealthier players prefer being separated from the riff-raff. There appears to be only one game going on at the moment – a male Twi’lek with olive-hued skin and ornate clothing sits across from an apparently wealthy Ithorian, judging by the stack of chips and credits laying in front of him. A human woman sits between them, staring down at the cards in her hand, her lips pulled into a tight circle of annoyance. Her clothing and hairstyle suggest an Alderaanian, but it’s hard to tell from behind.

The Twi’lek notices you first, his brow arching slightly, and he motions to the remaining seats at the table. “You come here to lose your money? Fine with me. Please, join us.”

At this point, one or all of the players can join in on the game. There will be one or two hands dealt, but ultimately the conversation is more important than the game. If anyone knows how to pay Sabacc, feel free to actually play it out – otherwise perform dice rolls and whoever has the highest number of advantages and least number of losses wins.

First Hand

The Twi’lek watches you with interest. “Tell me something – have you ever played this game before? You don’t seem to know what you’re doing.”

If any of the players win

He snorts. “Maybe I misjudged you. You’ve got a good Sabacc face, my friend.”

If Zelda wins

His eyes narrow and he scowls, crossing his arms. “I swear – you’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t start betting more credits. Bleed them for a while before going in for the kill.” She just smiles sweetly, batting her eyes. “Trust me, Zathar, if I’m going to kill you, you’ll know it.”

If the Ithorian wins

“Why is it every time I play cards with a mute they always win? It’s like they’re completely immune to my banter.”

Second Hand

He’s still watching, leaning forward on the table and frowning. “You look familiar for some reason, off-worlder. I’m not sure I like it.”

PC wins

The Twi’lek slaps a hand on the table and pushes himself up out of his chair, knocking it over and pointing an accusatory finger. “Cheat! You’re cheating, I know you are!” Zelda rolls her eyes and tosses her cards on the table, standing up as well and moving to your side before laying a hand on your shoulder. “They’ve been sitting at the table for ten minutes and you’re already accusing them of cheating. You’re a paranoid lunatic, Zathar.” She turns to look down at you and smiles, her brow arching. “I think, perhaps, you would be best served heading to one of the private rooms in the corner.” She indicates over her shoulder. “There’s food and drink. I’ll vouch for you.”

Zelda wins

The Twi’lek slaps a hand on the table and pushes himself up out of his chair, knocking it over and pointing an accusatory finger. “Cheat! You’re cheating, I know you are!” Zelda rolls her eyes and sighs, tossing her cards on the table, then stands and leans a hand on her hip. “Oh, please. Like I’d have to cheat to beat a card player as bad as you. I learned from the best, Zathar.” She looks to you and shakes her head. “My recommendation? Get as far away from this paranoid lunatic as you can. Maybe head to one of the private rooms in the corner.” She indicates over her shoulder. “There’s food and drink. I’ll vouch for you.”

If the Twi’Lek wins

He just grins and reaches out to gather up all the credits on the table, his tendrils twitching as he hums to himself. Zelda sighs and leans back in her seat, tossing her cards on the table with disgust before turning to look to you, frowning. “My recommendation? Get as far away from this cheating gundark as you can, before he steals all your money. Maybe head to one of the private rooms in the corner.” She indicates over her shoulder. “There’s food and drink. I’ll vouch for you.”

If the players wish to have an altercation with the Twi’lek, see page 395 – Smuggler Baron. They should ultimately follow Zelda’s suggestion, however, and make their way to the corner room.

Stepping into the room, you find it to be… pretty empty, actually. There isn’t any food or drink, as she said there would be, but there is a long meeting table with multiple chairs, all facing towards the viewport overlooking the city. Poking your head back out the door, you double check to be sure… but yes, this is definitely the room she was referring to before. That certainly seems fishy. It doesn’t take long, though, before she appears in the door, arms crossing over her chest as brown eyes study you intently. Leaning her shoulder against the doorjamb, she manages to fill the room, despite her short stature. “You’re here from Kuat, aren’t you?”

Who are you?

“My name is Zelda Gizler, and I’m here at the moment representing the Republic.”

You mean the Rebellion.

She smiles, though it’s not a sweet one. “The Empire would call it that, yes. But those of us involved don’t recognize the Emperor’s leadership.”

PCs explain why they’re here.

She nods and pushes off the door, stepping further inside and pulling it closed behind her before approaching the head of the table. “Yes, I received a communique from Administrator Dara not long before you arrived. Lucky for you I happened to be on planet. I have some experience with Imperials, and I know your Moff Vancil personally… he’s slime.”

PCs explain that they need help

She’s silent for a moment, studying you again, then pulls out the chair at the head of the table and sits quietly, crossing her legs and leaning her forearms on the arms of the chair. “You know, if this was any other time, I’d think you were crazy for wanting to fly right back into Imperial space, even just to get your ships… but with Palpatine’s last major offensive destroyed, they’re more vulnerable than they have been for some time. The destruction of the Death Star only served to boost Imperial morale, but they’re spread much thinner, now, trying to hunt us down.” The corner of her mouth pulls up into a tight smile. “You’re asking to pull off an impossible task… but I think I can help you. The question is… are you willing to help me?”

What do you mean?

Her lips form a line before she curls a hand into a fist. “The destruction of Alderaan and the loss of our base on Yavin dealt a pretty nasty blow to the Republic, even if we managed to take out the Emperor’s secret weapon. To be honest… we’re spread even thinner than the Empire thinks. Which means we need as much help as we can get.” Her brows lift slowly. “I can offer you a steady paycheck if you agree to join the Rebellion. We could use people of your stature, people who know how the darker parts of the Galaxy work. And you’d have plenty to do.”

How much are we talking here?

“That depends. First, on how useful you’ll prove to be for the Republic. But if you want numbers, I’d say, minimum, ten thousand credits per person, per job. And you’d have access to any Republic bases or anyone allied with us. That would mean a pretty decent discount with regards to ship maintenance and supplies.”

How useful we prove to be?

“To put it simply – I know where Vancil will likely be keeping your ships. I know you want them back. I’m willing to give you the information, even if you decide you don’t want to be part of the Rebellion, but I would appreciate you to at least consider it. Getting them back won’t be easy – in fact, it will be nearly impossible. If you can manage it, you’ll have proven yourselves more than useful, and I can guarantee the Republic will take care of you.”

What if we don’t want to join the Rebellion?

She sighs. “As I said – I’m willing to give you this information no matter what. But know this – you’re going to make enemies of the Empire if you assault a Moff to retrieve your property. You might be able to run, but considering the size of the Empire, you’re going to be running for a long time. With the Republic, you won’t be safe… but you’ll at least have someplace to stop running for a while.”

Leave it up to the players to decide what they want to do. They can try to interrogate or negotiate with Zelda, but it will offer high difficulty as she is a diplomat – see page 210 of the Age of Rebellion book for her stats. Zelda also has a secret regarding her identity, but she will be unwilling to share it at this time.

The next episode will involve checking out some of the leads offered by Zelda and dealing with the consequences of their actions, as well as introducing the Hutt who will be trying to control them. They won’t yet face the Moff, not until Episode 3, but they’ll be one step closer to getting their ships back and possibly becoming heroes of the galaxy.

If they decide to join the Rebellion, they’ll have more advantages than disadvantages. If they decide to go on their own, which they can, they’ll always have to keep an eye over their shoulder.

Kuat Surface
Kuat City

Encounter Four

As your ship breaks the atmosphere, it is easy to be taken aback by the lushness of the planet’s surface – Kuat is a world of forests and plains, terraformed and colonized by humans millennia ago. It has since grown to be a vibrant world, almost completely autonomous, though they tend to fall beneath the heel of the Empire because they’re so close to Coruscant. The Kuati people were the ones to build and maintain the orbiting Drive Yards, though they are now controlled almost exclusively by the Imperials. There are, of course, plenty of shipyards and construction sites on the planet, but building in orbit made it simpler to launch the spacecraft. For your particular needs, you’ll have to find a mechanic who would be willing to work for no questions asked. In a place like Kuat City, that shouldn’t be too hard to find, but you’ll have to be careful.

Although there are a handful of spaceports you could land, a quick survey by sight shows that they look to be full or under repair. There is a spaceport near the center of the city that looks to have a few spare bays, and it looks pretty busy… so probably easier to sneak in and out, even if they make a record of your arrival and departure. As you approach the spaceport, the comm chimes and a crackled voice booms through the speaker. “Unidentified craft. Please state your designation and reason for your visit to Kuat.”

It is up to the players what they want to do – they can try telling the truth, or they can try bluffing the Comm Operator (page 397). If they bluff, they have to roll a Coercion check versus his Discipline, but odds are good they’ll succeed, depending on their story. If they’re in an Imperial craft and don’t make up a story about Imperials, they’ll have to roll again against a more difficult check. In any case, the Comm operator will let them land in Docking Bay 32, but if they fail the check they’ll be instructed to remain in their craft until a Spaceport Security Officer (page 398) comes to speak with them. They can follow these instructions and wait or try to make it off the ship – but if they plan to leave using the same ship, it would be smarter to avoid getting into any kind of trouble. Not to mention they already have a Moff on their tail. If they try to bluff the Security Officer, they’ll have to roll Coercion versus Discipline. Or they could just bribe him.

Exiting the spaceport, you notice three landmarks almost immediately – a grand palace to the North, probably a few hour’s walk, which has a long wall encircling it as well as spires rising left and right. Much closer is a series of elegant towers that appear to be houses, or maybe hotels, which overlook the entertainment district. A very tall hill rises behind that district with a river running through it, up and over the crest and over the city wall, creating a waterfall known as the Tekshar Falls. Even from the spaceport, you can tell there are a lot of places to eat… and it looks like there are a few people looking to do more than just eat. Turrets jut out of the water on either side of the falls, suggesting there is, perhaps, an entrance hidden underneath. Finally, just across from the spaceport, there is a line of shops of all kinds – food, armor, droid, weapons. There are also a few signs hanging offering mechanic services – just what you’re looking for.

They won’t have time to check it out, but if they ask someone they will be told that there is a casino called The Twist beneath the falls. It would be best for them not to waste time checking out things at the entertainment district, but if they really want to, feel free to let them. They won’t be able to see much – once they start to approach the center of town, they’ll notice more and more Stormtroopers patrolling, and these will be better armed than those on the Star Destroyer. At most they’ll be able to visit one diner – the Nebula Orchid. If they go inside, they can ask about someone who can help repair their ship, but anyone inside will simply direct them back to the mechanics near the spaceport. And if they linger too long, a patrol of Stormtroopers will come into the diner.

Visiting the mechanic

There are a lot of different shops that look like they could offer you some help, but considering your situation it’s reasonable to assume one of the more questionable mechanics would be your go-to guy… the problem is, every shop is clean and there doesn’t even look to be a junk shop. Then again, this is a Core world, not something out on the Rim. A few shop owners watch you critically, looking very skeptical – they don’t seem to get a lot of visitors. At least, very few that aren’t Imperials. You’re turned away by half a dozen and things look pretty bleak… until a well-dressed young woman approaches you from the direction of the spaceport.

Despite her calm demeanor, her nervousness is evident behind her eyes. She studies your group critically for a moment before motioning for you to follow her, moving around behind an empty shop stall and crossing her arms over her chest. Now that you’re no longer in plain view, she seems more willing to show her anxiety, chewing her lower lip. “You’re the group from Bay 32, right?”

Just looking at the woman, it’s hard to tell who she is or what she wants. The party can question her as they like, but try to steer the conversation in this direction. (Spaceport Administrator page 398-399)

Who are you?

“My name is Jallo Dara, and I am the Administrator at Spaceport Auresh.”

Administrator? What’s that got to do with us?

“Look, I’m going to cut to the chase – I know who you are. The Indomitable has been broadcasting to be on the lookout for a ship with a description matching the one in Bay 32.” She shifts her weight uncomfortably. “I need you to leave. Now.”

We can’t leave. We need someone to help take care of our ship.

She frowns. “The Imperials are going to start searching the spaceports trying to find your ship… and they’re not going to be happy when they find out that I lied.”

You lied? About what, our ship?

Jallo nods. “I don’t know if what Moff Vancil is reporting is true, but it won’t matter if he finds your ship there. I’ve been here for a long time now, and if they discover I’m helping Rebels, my cover will be blown.”

Cover? Rebels?

“The Kuati are a proud people, and we were never happy with the way things went once Palpatine took his power. We were part of the minority who believed it was a mistake allowing him to do what he did… but none of us could do anything.” She frowns and shifts her weight again, glancing over her shoulder at the corner of the empty stall, as if worried someone is going to interrupt or listen in. “We don’t want to take sides – all we want is our autonomy – but as long as Palpatine remains Emperor, there’s no hope for us getting the Yards back.” She sighs and leans in closer. “The Rebellion has agents everywhere.”

Why should we care?

She actually laughs at that. “Do you even know who Moff Gar Vancil is? He’s nearly as relentless as Vader. The really odd thing about him is… he’s not actually in charge of a particular sector, like most Moffs would be. He’s one of the forward leaders for the Empire’s push to the Rim worlds… and he’s damn good at his job.” Her smile fades into a frown. “He’s labeled you all Rebels and put a price on your heads. He wants you all dead. That means you’re dead unless you get the hell out of here.”

We still need our hyperdrive repaired/Imperial transponder removed.

She raises a hand to cut you off. “I’ve already got Spaceport staff working on that. Truthfully, if I didn’t find you I was going to have one of my pilots fly it away from here and park it somewhere out in the forest. They’d find it eventually, but no way would they know it was in my spaceport.”

What do we owe you?

“The only thing I ask in return is that, once you’ve escaped, you fly to Ord Mantell and make contact with a Rebel Agent there. Let them know your situation – it’s someone who has dealt with Vancil before. They can likely help you shake him off.” She pauses, studying you all for another moment before frowning. “Or help you figure out how to get your ships back.”

What’s the agent’s name?

“That I can’t tell you. What I can say is try going to The Chance Cube in Freelonn. Your contact is a Sabacc player. He… or she… will know you.”

At most try to answer one or two more questions, but move on quickly.

Jallo offers a weak little smile before reaching up to adjust the hat on her head, peering around the corner and letting out a sigh. “We don’t have any more time to talk, I’m afraid. You need to get going if you’re going to make it out of here in one piece. Don’t worry about our records – you’ll be listed under a fake name. While my folks are busy on your ship, they’re installing a new transponder to help you break through a hole in the Imperial patrols – they usually don’t pay much attention to the passenger liners.” She shoots you a look and smirks. “You’re going to be the luxury cruiser The Twi’Lek Dancer.” Stepping away from the shop, she strides towards the spaceport. “Better get ready to go. Remember – Ord Mantell. From there you should be able to get just about anywhere you need to go.”

Unless the players care to linger, they should be able to avoid any Imperial patrols that happen to come through the spaceport area. Patrols here will be small, probably a single Stormtrooper for each PC, but likely there will be no combat during this encounter.

You arrive at Bay 32 and find your ship with a fresh coat of paint and, hopefully, your way out. Spaceport personnel are moving quickly, though it appears most of them are exiting your ship and the bay. Their work seems to be done. Administrator Dara stands just at the bottom of the gangplank leading to your ship, and she offers a nod. “You’re all set. I took the liberty of programming a course into your navigational computer that will take you through the passenger run, which should keep you away from most of the Imperials. Once you’re out of the sector you should be able to head to Ord Mantell without raising any alarms.” The young woman takes a step backward and strides towards the bay’s exit, her brows lifting. “Goodbye – and good luck.”

Piling onto your ship, you discover that she was, in fact, correct – the coordinates are already in the computer and the transponder will be reading as The Twi’Lek Dancer. So long as nobody gets too close to get a better look, you should be fine.

Star Destroyer Indomitable, Hangar Bay
Infiltrate the Hangar Bay

Encounter Three

No alarms

If the players managed to make it the hangar bay without sounding the alarm, they will find no guards on patrol – the Stormtroopers are elsewhere at this time. There are, however, a group of Starfighter Pilots (page 405) littered around the bay. They could be working on Imperial Fighters, they could be sitting around a table and chatting or playing cards, or they could be in the process of locking down the PC’s ships one at a time. If the party is careful, they won’t be detected immediately and they can check out the hanger bay in search of their ships.

The deck is eerily silent as you approach the hangar bay – the Moff must have his troopers busy elsewhere, though for what it’s hard to say. There are about a half dozen Starfighter pilots in view, busying themselves in one way or another – and it looks like most of your ships have been locked down completely. They seem to be focused now on locking down the last ship, which definitely has their attention. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the hyperdrive has been removed and is laying on the deck beside the ship. That’s a problem all its own, something you’ll have to figure out once you’re off the Star Destroyer and headed towards the planet below. First thing’s first – secure the bay. Then you can see about escape.

Alarm sounded

If the alarm was sounded, along with the Starfighter Pilots there will also be two squadrons of Stormtroopers and an Imperial Stormtrooper Sergeant (page 404-405) on guard. The Pilots will definitely be rushing to lock down the PC’s ships, and it will be more difficult to stop them from doing so with enough time to escape.

The alarms have stopped, though your ears are still ringing as your approach the hangar bay, the sound of Stormtrooper’s boots clamping against the deck plating and echoing off the walls. They are not standing guard outside of the hangar bay – rather, they are just inside the door, spaced out evenly and prepared for a fight. Looking carefully, you spot a Sergeant wearing an orange shoulder-guard speaking with one of the Starfighter pilots in the center of the room – the other pilots are busy attempting to finish locking down the last ship. Your last ship. The other ships have been locked down completely, and this is your last chance. The hyperdrive has been removed, laying on the deck beside the ship, which will make things more difficult in the long run. First thing’s first – secure the bay. Then you can see about escape.

Whether or not Stormtroopers are in the bay, time is of the essence for the party at this point. The longer they delay, the more likely it will be that the Moff will discover their escape – not to mention that the Starfighter pilots and/or the Stormtroopers will radio for backup. If the party made it to the bay without alarms going off, the Starfighter pilots will summon the same groups of Stormtroopers and the Sergeant, who will arrive at the beginning of the next round. If the alarms went off, the party has to secure the bay within six rounds or the Moff will arrive. The party will not actually have to battle the Moff, but whatever plans they may have had to take one of their own ships will be dashed at his arrival and they will have to pile into one of the Imperial shuttles to escape to the planet’s surface.

Secure the bay

Your nostrils tingle with the ozone-scent of blaster fire after the final enemy falls. That could have gone better. If nobody knew you’d escaped before, they certainly know by now, and you’re running out of time. Looking around the bay, you see you have two options – pile into the single remaining ship that has not been locked down, or instead steal one of the Imperial craft. It would certainly be faster to take an Imperial ship that would still have a hyperdrive installed, but you’d have to worry about the transponder hidden inside. You could take the time to bring the hyperdrive back onto the ship, but you won’t be able to install it in time to make a difference. It would be even simpler to take the ship as is and escape to the planet’s surface – from there you could find a replacement hyperdrive. After all, it is a ship yard. No matter what, escape is the most important thing, and your only option right now is to head to Kuat.

Whatever they decide to do, they will have to have someone open the bay doors by slicing into the computer system using a hard difficulty check. It would also be smart for them to disable any tractor beams they might have, but odds are good that in the confusion the bridge crew won’t think to try that unless the Moff rolls a successful Streetwise check with a difficulty of four. If they want to load the hyperdrive back onto the ship, they’ll either need to work together with a combined brawn check with Daunting difficulty or make use of one of the loading droids. The droid will follow their orders without offering any kind of trouble. In any case, as they’re preparing to leave, the Moff will arrive.

As the engines power up and the last of your party starts to clamber aboard, the doors you used originally to enter the bay begin to slide open and an entire legion of Stormtroopers begins to clamber into the room. They are led by a trio of Sergeants and the Star Destroyer’s commander, Moff Gar Vancil – and he does not look happy. Unlike many in the Imperial Service, Gar Vancil is Chiss. His skin is a darker blue than most, his bald head gleaming in the low light of the hanger bay, and his bright red eyes glare in the direction of your ship. He raises a hand and the first line of Stormtroopers drop to their knees, raising their blasters to begin firing your direction. Thankfully you had just enough time to warm up the ship’s engines, and your ship lifts up from the deck and spins easily away from the Imperials below.

The ship launches forward with a jerk, almost knocking you out of your chair, but the pilot at the controls has just enough skill to keep you moving without any trouble. Stars fill the view of the forward port as you barrel out of the Star Destroyer’s hangar bay, though your victory is short-lived once you notice there are also a half dozen other Star Destroyers at various distances near the yards. Your ship is just small enough not to catch their attention, though, and it seems the Moff was so short-staffed there was no one on the bridge clever enough to try tracking you or shooting you down. Once again – your lucky day.

Turning the ship around, you make a beeline for the planet, not daring to go anywhere near the orbiting ship yards, knowing full well they’ll be crawling with Imperials. Better instead to go to the surface. There’s really only one city you could go to get the support needed for your ship, Kuat City, and although that will still be dangerous, you’re less likely to run into Imperials there… not to mention the citizens and the government itself are not particularly fans of the Empire. Someone on the surface should be able to help.

Fail to secure the bay

Things are not going your way – it seems like the alarms have only grown louder since you arrived in the hanger bay, and a sense of foreboding begins to settle over you and the rest of the party. Perhaps because, in the midst of battle, you can hear the now-familiar sound of Stormtrooper’s boots clanking against the deck plating, and it sounds like a lot.

The doors you just came through begin to cycle open and, unsurprisingly, a whole legion of Stormtroopers begins to file in. They are led by a trio of Sergeants and the Star Destroyer’s commander, Moff Gar Vancil. Unlike many in the Imperial Service, Gar Vancil is Chiss. His skin is a darker blue than most, his bald head gleaming in the low light of the hanger bay, and his bright red eyes glare in the direction of your ship. He raises a hand and the first line of Stormtroopers drop to their knees, raising their blasters to begin firing your direction. Now pinned down between two sets of Imperials, you grow suddenly aware that you’re out of options – no way are you taking any of your own ships in order to escape.

By a stroke of luck, there is a Lambda-class Imperial shuttle with the gang-plank lowered. You manage to gather your party and return fire enough to make it to the shuttle, and you think maybe your luck is changing – the systems are already on, the engines already warm and purring. Maybe the Moff was going to visit the planet himself. The Imperials are still firing on the ship before you manage to get the door closed, but you’ve got another problem – the hangar bay doors are still closed. Not one to let a little thing like a hull to get between you and freedom, however, your best gunner jumps on the weapon controls as your pilot twists the ship around to face towards the exterior hull. Green lances of fire cut through the air and rip into the bay’s wall, and it takes three shots before it starts to break away.

The Imperials are retreating, though not all are so lucky – the Starfighter pilots and Stormtroopers that were closest to that wall are sucked almost immediately out into the unforgiving cold of space before the emergency forcefields shimmer into place, once again sealing the bay. But you’re free – the wings of the shuttle begin to unfold once you’re out of the Star Destroyer, which begins to list to the side. You’re not out of danger yet, though —you notice there are a half dozen other Star Destroyers at various distances near the yards. An Imperial shuttle is not going to be enough to catch their attention at this distance, and it seems the Moff was either very short-staffed or the damage you did to the Star Destroyer was enough to keep them from communicating with anyone else, at least for the time being.

Turning the ship around, you make a beeline for the planet, not daring to go anywhere near the orbiting ship yards, knowing full well they’ll be crawling with Imperials. Better instead to go to the surface. There’s really only one city you could go to get the support needed for your ship, Kuat City, and although that will still be dangerous, you’re less likely to run into Imperials there… not to mention the citizens and the government itself are not particularly fans of the Empire. Someone on the surface should be able to help.

Star Destroyer Indomitable, Armory
Raid the Armory

Encounter Two

The first thing to have the party or the Bounty Hunter do is reprogram the droid to follow their commands. Roll a Hard ( ) Mechanics or Computers check. Optionally, the party could instead slice into the ship’s computer and download the ship’s layout to find the armory. If they sliced into the computer to find the hangar bay, they can find the location of the armory without performing another check.

With or without the droid, the party departs from the detention center with the Bounty Hunter leading the way. If they do not attempt to go silently, they will immediately alert a group of Stormtroopers that are posted outside the armory. However, if they succeed in approaching stealthily, they can catch the ‘troopers off guard and roll Cool for Initiative rather than Vigilance. Stormtrooper stats on page 404. There are only three Stormtroopers in this first grouping – after all, the PCs are mostly unarmed so they will have to get in close to do any kind of damage. The battle could be avoided entirely if they come up with a clever enough scheme to remove or distract the ‘troopers.

Emerging from the detention center, your Bounty Hunter guide takes the lead. The corridors are remarkably empty, considering how busy a Star Destroyer would normally be, and you manage to make it to the armory without raising the alarm. As you approach the corner, however, you notice a trio of gleaming Stormtroopers standing guard. Why would they be guarding the armory from other Imperials? Perhaps the Moff is simply a paranoid kind of man. Hanging from the belt of one guard is a red cylinder that appears to match the lock on the door. It may be possible to catch them by surprise – they don’t seem to have noticed you yet.

Following the encounter, the party will find a key to the armory on one of the ‘Trooper’s bodies. It would be a good idea for them to stow the bodies and they could, potentially, steal the Stormtrooper armor for temporary disguises. In the armory they will find a locked footlocker that will take a Hard Mechanics check to open. Hidden inside is, surprise surprise, their missing equipment, tagged as evidence. Checking the rest of the armory, they can find another few sets of Stormtrooper armor and one officer’s uniform. There are also Imperial Blaster Rifles available, though those weapons will make them stick out anywhere but the Star Destroyer. Once the party is sufficiently armed, they should make their way to the hangar bay. Perform a perception check for the Moff (page 403 for stats). If it succeeds, the escape has been discovered and an alarm will sound. If it fails, the escape will not be discovered until the party successfully steals a ship.

Success! It appears Lady Luck may be on your side after all – all of your equipment is here, every last bit. Some of it has been tagged with Rebel markers, but those should be easy enough to remove, given a little time. Normally the Imperials would have dismantled or destroyed these kind of items, but they were likely going to serve as evidence against you on Coruscant. It appears that Moff Vancil was planning to label you all as Rebels, likely to earn favor with the Emperor. Odds are good if he discovers you have escaped, he’ll be less than enthused about taking you alive… so it’s probably a good idea to escape as quickly as possible.

Moff success

Alarms! Your escape has been discovered, which is going to make things a lot more difficult. The Moff will have mobilized the remaining forces on the Star Destroyer, who will likely be sweeping the ship floor by floor. The Stormtroopers outside will likely be asked to report in, and when they fail to do so, the security teams will know where you are without much worry. Make your way to the hangar bay and hope they haven’t locked it down completely before your arrival…

Moff failure

So far, so good. Now that you’re sufficiently armed and it seems as if your escape has gone unnoticed, it would be best to make your way to the hanger bay, because you’re running out of time. Because the security teams won’t be actively searching for you, it will be much easier to sneak past them without getting into a fight – and the longer you can avoid a fight, the more likely you’ll make it all the way to the hanger bay without sounding the alarm.


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