Tatooine P2

Zorba's Palace

Encounter Four

Your landspeeder crawls to a halt outside of the palace just after dark and you can see Drego’s ship nearby – currently powered down. In the sky above the palace you can make out the outline of an Imperial Shuttle… and it’s headed back out into space. There are no guards lining the doors outside of Zorba’s palace, and you have no trouble sneaking back in at all. It may be possible to sneak past everyone to get to your ship, though it is possible that Vader informed Zorba where the Imperials would be taking Willie. It may yet be possible to simply follow them, if you get to your ship fast enough.

It is now up to the players whether they wish to simply steal their ship back or try to find anything out from Zorba. They may want to at least get their own weapons from the ship or locker, rather than trying to use the small equipment they have from the Sandcrawler. If they do confront Zorba, she will be more than willing to trade her life for the information. It’s up to the players if they decide to kill her or not. If they make themselves known, Drego will disappear, as will his ship… as well as all of Zorba’s reward money. Whether they stay or decide to go, ultimately they will discover that the Imperials are taking Willie temporarily to the prison on Kessel. If they speak to Zorba about it, she will inform them that Vader and the Emperor agreed that Willie should first be broken with slave labor before being executed on Coruscant.

This is the end of adventure number four.


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