Tatooine, The Dune Sea P2

The Bounty Hunters

Encounter Three

Emerging from the sandy tomb, you find yourselves confronted with two sets of heavy blaster cannons mounted on the hull of a hefty YT-2400 Freighter. Standing at the bottom of the extended gangplank is a familiar face – Drego Desyk. Heavy blaster in hand, he indicates your group and offers a slim smile. “Y’know, I had a feeling you’d be interested in the junk in there. Zorba’s had her eye on this heap for a while now, but as far as I’m concerned it’s a lost cause.” He motions to the gangplank behind him. “Do me a favor, folks, and step aboard single file so we can get on our way. Come along quietly and I’ll see what I can do about getting Zorba to let you live.”

The players have a short window of time to decide what to do – they can do as Drego asks or attempt to escape or battle. No matter what, another ship will arrive in short order.

Before anyone can move or Drego can make good on any kind of threat, a pair of landspeeders and a Skyhopper swing into view over the dunes. The Skyhopper fires a few warning shots, instantly glassing the sand on the surface, forcing Drego to retreat back onto his ship and forcing you back towards the edge of the Sandcrawler’s open hatch door. It takes a moment or two before the cannons mounted atop his freighter spin to fire at the Skyhopper, long enough for the landspeeders to pull up nearby, and the Skyhopper explodes in a steadily expanding ball of flame. A Trandoshan accompanied by a group of Rodians step forward, moving beneath the hull of the freighter so the large weapons can’t fire at them. They keep their sights on you, however, shouting in their native languages – it figures none of them can speak Basic. It seems pretty evident, however, that they are more than willing to kill you to get to Willie.

As the battle wages, if the hunters wander too far in front of the ship it will fire on them and vaporize them instantly. Throughout the battle Drego will attempt to get Willie to climb aboard the ship – eventually shouting for One-Eye if necessary. As soon as Willie climbs aboard, the hatch will begin to close.

You realize only too late that this was a trap – the freighter’s hatch is now closed, trapping Willie inside and cutting him off from the rest of the group. It seems Drego has prepared for this, as well. A group of Ugnaughts, each armed with a high-powered tranquilizer, begins to fire those tranquilizers at the Wookiee. In his rage, he manages to kill a few of the creatures – but because of poor luck, or perhaps a dark turn in the Force, he soon begins to feel faint. (flip Destiny Point) Before long, he falls entirely unconscious, allowing the remaining Ugnaughts and Drego himself to take care of binding him as the freighter lifts away from the sand.

The rest of you manage to take care of the remaining Bounty Hunters, though you’re more than a little angry that Drego has captured your companion. His ship is moving quickly, but now that you’ve got a landspeeder you think you can chase him back to Zorba’s palace.


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