Tag: its a trap


  • Tatooine

    h2. Encounter One

    Zelda has assured you the new Rebel outpost will make a difference in the long run and you are now considered official members of the Rebel Alliance and will be fully supported by them in the future. Now that you have a …

  • Tatooine, The Dune Sea

    h2. Encounter Two

    The skiff your cage is mounted on finally begins to slow after you have passed countless dunes, and again you hear the whirring of gears, this time from each corner of the cage. Once again the floor beneath you falls …

  • Tatooine, The Dune Sea P2

    h2. Encounter Three

    Emerging from the sandy tomb, you find yourselves confronted with two sets of heavy blaster cannons mounted on the hull of a hefty YT-2400 Freighter. Standing at the bottom of the extended gangplank is a familiar face …

  • Tatooine P2

    h2. Encounter Four

    Your landspeeder crawls to a halt outside of the palace just after dark and you can see Drego’s ship nearby – currently powered down. In the sky above the palace you can make out the outline of an Imperial Shuttle… and …