Episode 1 Opening Crawl

Opening Crawl

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

An Impossible Task


It is a time of uncertainty. The reach of the GALACTIC EMPIRE is as far as it has ever been, despite the loss of the DEATH STAR at the hands of the REBEL ALLIANCE. Those at the edge of the Empire care little for the battle at YAVIN, unwilling to be embroiled in a conflict that has nothing to do with them.

Unfortunately, a group of these souls has been captured by MOFF GAR VANCIL, an ambitious leader who has taken the fight straight to the REBELLION as far as the OUTER RIM. The Star Destroyer INDOMITABLE, where these captives are being held, is currently in orbit of the KUAT DRIVE YARDS for emergency repairs.

Rebel or not, they are to be delivered to CORUSCANT, where they will be tried and executed as traitors to the EMPEROR. Lucky for them, there may be an opportunity for escapeā€¦

Episode 1 Opening Crawl

AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK pietmax7 pietmax7